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Peru's story of CRVS change

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Posted by: ahickers on Jan 23, 2019

Lecture with Professor Alan Lopez, Director of the Data for Health Initiative.

Filmed in Lima, Peru in September 2018.

Topics include:
-How the Data for Health Initiative started (0:15)
-Peru joins the Data for Health Initiative (2:25)
-Designing the Data for Health interventions (2:55)
-The need for collaboration (3:52)
-Country ownership (4:20)
-Reducing ‘garbage codes’, or unusable mortality information
-The value of cause of death data (7:29)
-Cause-specific mortality data (9:35)
-Certifying cause of death (12:24)
-Vital statistics performance index (13:47)
-More on garbage codes (19:15)
-Medical certification by doctors (20:07)
-Verbal autopsy (21:46)
-Critically appraising data (22:47)
-Low public awareness for death registration (23:28)
-Interoperability (24:21)
-Use of technology (24:51)
-Peru’s CRVS system reformation (28:04)

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