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Past simple vs past progressive

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Hi, welcome to hot english magazine something really strange happened to me yesterday I was walking home and it was quite late and it was a bit dark it was like 8 o´clock, when it gets dark now, and I was walking -through- from the train station to my house and there´s like this forest mini forest I had to walk through. It was a bit scary...Sometimes -you know- you see shadows, you think you see people Ok. And I was walking through and suddenly I saw the figure of this woman between the trees and...scary...well yea, a little bit...It was like a woman -in a- she was wearing -white- white clothes, it was a bit strange, I wasn´t expecting to see anyone at that time and then she started coming towards me -and-, but it was like she wasn´t walking, it was like she was floating or something Ok...And I got a bit scared and, anyway, I started running and I was running and then I fell down and then when I looked up she was standing about me and she had a really strange white face..It was like she was a ghost or something, and she just said "don´t come in here again" and I just jumped up, and ran house...I was like really scared. Nothing like that has ever happened before, and I´ve been through that forest again and I´ve never seen her again. I don´t know who she was or what she was doing. It might have just been a drunkard who lives in the forest but I don´t wanna have to go through that again.. Is there any other way you can get home or..? Yeah, but it would have to be a bit longer.I was thinking about leaving my bicycle in the station but I´ve heard that if you leave your bike there people might steal it...ah, ok..A friend of mine did leave his bike there and -they- they slashed his tyres so, anything strange ever happened to you before? any interesting stories? Well...Well, you know, one day, similar, I was walking home, not through a forest I was just walking in the sidewalk and -I was just walking-, it was getting dark, it was a bit earlier than in you case, it was getting dark, suddenly as I saw a group -you know- a group of teenagers - a group of teenagers- umm, they can be very, so it was, well, let´s say uncomfortable to pass next to them. Did they say anything to you? Well, it wasn´t so much what they said, it was just -you know- it was a group, five or six, it was the way they looked they didn´t really say but they looked very stangely, so, well, I had nowhere to go , let´s say , I just had to go straight and they were on the right, and I just had to keep walking but you got this sentation that... but nothing happened? no, no , again, it was just one time, I guess they were coming back from late classes or something, but yes, it was uncomfortable yes, you gotta be careful walking home at night yes

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Posted by: birtean on Jun 17, 2011

Two people tell us about their bad experiences walking back home at night

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