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Goha It is ridiculous To feel that your country is feeble Your voice is feeble Your opinion is feeble Your opinion is feeble Even if you sell your heart and body for sale Even if you sell your writing and your name You will hardly be able to satisfy your meager daily needs You will hardly be able to satisfy your meager daily needs When Goha was asked why he ridicules Because it is a joke if two clinch to each other The one below is dead, and the one above is blind!! This is what I call ridiculous. It is ridiculous To be the symbol of begging To establish buildings for begging To create ministries for begging Oh waterwheel! Turn round; pass over me and tread me down. They fooled me and made me beg my own money Got me tied up to you, without even shutting my eyes. They all rejoiced and only I grieve I, lord of the house, Have been reduced to nothing And when I complain They beat me with their boots: “So you starve, do you!!” “You grumble about food? Bring us, give us, and send us! You never stop complaining” “How can we ever satisfy you your endless needs?” I daily chew my anxiety, and consume my own grief All dear ones got together, except me Didn't I grow gold for your sake? Why in return you feed me dung? If that is what it means to be spoiled? I had quite enough of that I never enjoyed happiness or welfare in your roundabouts I only live in misery after misery Our dignity is humiliated Our food is mixed with humiliation Why do you bring us to life If you hate us all that much?

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Duration: 9 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: Egypt
Language: English
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Posted by: fadwag on Feb 17, 2013

A poem

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