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Planes (2013)

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Welcome to the world's fastest sport. Where only the best of the best compete. [revving] Yee-ee-ow! Woo-hoo! Oh, for flying out loud! For the first time we have a crop duster in the race. (female voice) Well, he's gonna die. (older male voice) Dusty, you're going up against the best racers in the world. I'm afraid of heights. That airplane needs some help, y'all know that, right? Yeah! It ain't how fast you fly, it's how you fly fast. You can fly a whole lot higher than ya think. Ba-aa-aa-listic! (narrator) He's ready. Hey, look who made it. It's Rusty. It's Dusty. Dusty Crophopper. Farmboy. ♪ [ELO - "Don't Bring Me Down"] (Dusty) Wow! You're Bulldog? Tally ho! [humming] Mosty people call me Ishani. I'm El Chupacabra We will have many adventures. We will laugh, (ha-ha-ha), we will cry, We will dance! Probably not with each other. (El) Don't let thing distract you. She is like a sunrise, after a lifetime of darkness. Or like fresh fertilizer, on a field of dying grass. [silence] This is not your thing, my friend. Thank you for representing all us little planes. But you're a car. (El) Serious identity issues. ♪ Don't bring me down ♪ You think you can beat me - Ripslinger! (El) I swish my fin at you. You have been shamed. ♪ Don't bring me down ♪ Kennedy approach, over. Go back to Jersey, ya bum. This is Dusty Crophopper. I'm caught in a storm! I'm going down! It's a really compelling underdog story. Like Old Yellar. That's not an underdog story! There's a dog in it. ♪ I tell you once more, before I get out the door, don't bring me down ♪ Whaa? Oh man. That's nasty. Mayday! Mayday! Big castle, roll to the right. (Bulldog) I owe you my life. Are you crying? I don't cry, I'm British. ♪ down, down, down down down ♪ [Captions by]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Aug 13, 2013


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