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Mission Police Van

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Hi my name is Cynthia Ochoa and you're watching Mission Local Today we are asking people what they think about the mobile command units that are standing right here in this area. The Global Command Unit is a mobile Police Station used for special events like parades. This week, the Mission District Police started using it on the streets Today, the mobile unit is on 21st and Folsom The goal is to make the community safer and prevent crime. The residents have mixed feelings. There are other places that where they need it better, like 16th and Mission. ...some other places. That's what I think Over here they take a lot of space. We lack space, parking space and that really makes all difficult. I think it's positive, you know for the community I mean, 'cause there's a lot of kids here, young kids That's where our tax money is going to, that's why you pay for. I don't feel they're a threat. People that feel threatened should be the ones who serve. But I think that the community needs something positive. I have mixed feelings about it. I think that the reason why they're here is because they want people that the police is out on the streets and I think that's good, in the sense that they're making the community aware that they're there. But I think it's also something that creates a lot of fear for people, maybe unnecessarily. According to Liutenant Pedrini the mobile command unit is one of two mobile police stations owned by the city. Captain Tacchini has requested that one of the units be in the Mission District when it is not being used for city events. Cost wise the Mission Police Department only pays to staff the unit with 2 police officers who are already scheduled to be working. The plan to place the unit on streets where residents have voiced concern about crime, gang activity, narcotics and grafitti. The unit can be expected to be seen on 15th and Mission frequently. Anecdotally, Pedrini said they have seen less calls for service in the areas where the mobile unit is placed. Guest reporters from the Greenlighning Institute

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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 27, 2009

High school students from around California worked with Mission [email protected] as guest reporters and asked residents what they think about the mobile command van in the Mission District.

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