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Using Vocabulix

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Vocabulix is a free, online site that has a number of tools to help individuals learn Spanish, German or English. Even though if you do register on the site, you can speak to other online users and learn additional languages, such as French, Italian Protuguese, Czech – it’s limitless. But, the pre-defined lessons cover Spanish, English and German. It could be very helpful for English as a Second Language Learners, because it does, it is geared towards that, as well as the fact that it doesn’t just focus on Spanish. There is also German. So, you do not have to register on the site to be able to use it, but if you register you do get the additional ability to speak to other language learners, and there are some more interactive tools that are available with that. So, it has a vocabulary builder. It has verb drills. It has verb conjugation tables and access to online dictionaries. So, we’ll start with the Vocabulary Builder first. You just click on start. And, you simply select the native language and the foreign language you wish to learn. If you choose Spanish, English or German for either of those, then you can select from the pre-defined lessons. Or, you can actually create a lesson for yourself or have another user create a lesson, such as a teacher or if maybe you meet someone through the site that you wanted to learn French with then they could create a lesson for you and you could do the same for them. So, in this case, we’re just going to pretend that our native language is Spanish and that we want to learn English. And, we’re going to go under the pre-defined lessons. So, we click next You can pick from a variety of levels, any number of topics such as animals, at home, food. As you can see, there is a variety here. We’ll just stick with animals. And, I’m going to show you lessons with visuals and lessons without visuals. So, click next. And, what you see is – the word comes up. And, there is a picture. In this case, “el coche.” And, you can hear it. “EL COCHE.” And, you type the word. And, you check it. And, it will say “the previous expression was correct.” So, then it takes you immediately to the next word. And, again, you can listen. “EL TELEFONO.” And, you type in the word. So, let’s get it wrong this time. And, so what it does, is it tells us we were wrong. It does not immediately go to the next word. What it will allow you to do is hear it again. “EL TELEFONO.” In the native language. And, this time you can listen to it “PHONE.” in the foreign language. And, then you can just click next word. And, so this would continue. But, again, you can also chose not to have the visuals, if you think perhaps that is a crutch. So, there is the opportunity to not choose that. You can do a new lesson. It just wants to make sure that is what you want to do. So, in this case, we would say new. Lessons without visuals. We would choose next. And now we don’t have a visual. So, if I’m not a Spanish speaker, I many not know what “LA PALABRE” is. “LA PALABRE.” So, we’ll just type in tree, which is incorrect. So, you may think it’s a better learning tool without the pictures. Then, there are verb drills. And, in this case, it’s the same concept. You pick your native language and you pick the foreign language. But, this time you pick the word you want to conjugate. And, you tell it that is what you want to do. And, so this is “Vosotros permitimos.” And, so you would try to conjugate it. And, that is incorrect. So, then there is verb conjugation tables. So, you could just look at the tables. And, so you would say well, I want to know how to do allow. And, it will show you all. And, yes, there are some ads. And, there is an online Spanish dictionary. As well as you can download these mobile dictionaries to your SmartPhone. It’s very nice because it’s free and it’s available in German, Spanish and English.

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