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Developed by physicians and engineers at University of Florida and perfected by CAE Healthcare the HPS is the most clinically accurate patient simulator on the market today with exceptional lung mechanics and true gas exchange The HPS breathes as a human would, with self-regulated rate and tidal volume sufficient to maintain a target arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure. The simulator interfaces with modern operating room equipment, monitors and anaesthesia machines. The HPS lungs consume oxygen, produce carbon dioxide, and uptake or excrete nitrous oxide and volatile anesthetics. This capability is made possible via direct gas exchange within the lungs, resulting in realistic minimum alveolar concentrations. Ventilation of the HPS produces expired carbon dioxide, which registers on real monitoring equipment, such as a capnograph or respiratory gas analyzer. The respiratory system is capable of triggering a ventilator. Airway resistance, lung compliance and chest wall compliance are modeled, with independent control of the left and right lungs. Symmetric and asymmetric lung ventilation are automatically supported. The HPS Drug Recognition System uses barcode technology to identify the drug, its respective concentration, and its volume to quantify the dosage given by the learner. The system contains preprogrammed pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics parameters for more than 60 intravenous drugs. The HPS automatically responds to incorrect medications with no user intervention necessary. Muse, the HPS operating system, contains six patient profiles, that can be layered with 50 Simulated Clinical Experiences to create dynamic training scenarios, including tension pneumothroax, can't intubate - can't ventilate, anaesthesia machine failure anaphylaxis and more. Launch a patient and scenario with Muse with 2 clicks or operate HPS on the fly

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