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-What's happenin', forum? You know, if you're gonna interview a bunch of skateboarders on live TV, don't run out onto the half-pipe. -Uhh, we're gonna run up here and talk to them. This is like a human frogger, try not to get hit-- (groaning) -Was it just me or did Peter Griffin there totally body that kid? Boom! From off the top! And yes, that was on live TV. Now the clip got about 100,000 views in two days, which is not bad. And to be fair to that fat guy, he did seem generally concerned with the well-being of the kid. Oh, kid, it'll be all right, you'll be okay. And if you tell anyone, I'll kill your dog. Speaking of dogs, have you ever seen a talking dog? Particularly a pug, who happens to say the word "Batman"? -Batman! Batmaaan! -A talking dog. George Orwell will be proud. And I'm 90% sure that's the same pug from Men in Black. No, this video's great and there's been lots of copies uploaded to YouTube ever since CNN reported on it and Attack of the Show reported on it. And I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like he's actually saying "Batman". In fact, there's even a remix that mashes up the video with the old Batman theme. (Batman theme playing) -Batman Batman -And that remix is so awesome, it somehow got more views than the original. You know why that is? 'Cause that dog is way better than your dog. In fact, it's way better than you in general. I'm just saying; I'm just throwing it out there. Now this last video is kind of hard to explain, but let me just say that it's cows. (electronic music playing) Oh, but as the video progresses, these cows get a little better. And even still, as the video progresses, the cows get even more better-er-er. Wow, you know the cows on FarmVille never did that creepy s--t. I don't even know what half that stuff is. Like what the hell is that? What's going on? Apparently when we aren't looking, cows are doing some pretty f--ked up things. Yeah, wow, those hippies are right. These growth hormones really are messing up our beef. And the video keeps going. Like, after each little segment, you're like, "What could they possibly keep doing with these cows?" Oh, no, they just keep doing stuff. Now, I decided to review this video for two reasons. One: it got a million views in a week. And two: it sort of gave me nightmares. I mean, how could you not have nightmares from that? His head is literally going up his own ass. Now, the guy who actually did this video is a really talented animator and I suggest you go and check out the whole thing. I'm just saying, your mind will be blown. And I guess the animator did the song too, that little electronic song, and it's like a catchy song. Yeah, I mean, this cow video is brilliant in the fact that it makes absolutely no f--king sense. Yeah, you know, I was just now getting content with our animals who scream out for superheroes. -Batman! Oh, but no, someone has to come along and throw in some crazy shape-shifting cows. Whatever, man, just don't drink the milk, all right. But you know what you should drink? The comment question of the day which comes from a user named, bam!, and he said. -What's the worst thing you've ever done? -So, what's the worst thing you've ever done? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comments sections below. But thanks for watching today's episode of =3. I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. So tell me forum, if cheese had to have its picture taken, what would it say? (Stalkin' Your Mom by Wax playing) Captioned by SpongeSebastian using -Batman!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: United States
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Producer: Ray William Johnson
Director: Ray William Johnson
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Jul 25, 2010

Equals Three with RayWilliamJohnson.

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