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Moses assembled a congregation and all commentators those of course with the kabbalistic leaning of interpretation and explanation explain a way that this time the congregation of Israel omitted and the assembling omitted the erev rav. Those people who were essentially born to be evil for this is their incarnation, not that they cannot ultimately upon recognition of their purpose in this world other than merely to hurt, create chaos, create sorrow and despair in the life of others. And so here the emphasis is because of what took place at the time of the Golden Calf. Those people weren´t excluded. because now when they were going to build the Tabernacle and now because they were going to prepare all of the utensils which are what utensils? the candelabrum, the seat, the altar for physical purposes. but rather to add these tools by which we could tap into the Lightforce of God. Because once the Light goes on, never forget darkness will disappear. How? What? When? I don´t know. And neither should you fringe about that. The important thing that we should focus upon is the idea that we want to tap into the Lightforce and bring that Lightforce into our lives. And so therefore, Vayakhel gives us this opportunity reading from Vayakhel, reading again all about what seems to be a repetition of what already have been stated in the prior section known as Terumah. Now again we are reading about the same thing. Why do we have to have a duplication of all that was written before? Because what was written before included a consciousness of evil people to stress upon us how much our consciousness weighs and influences this physical reality. And therefore, if we think we can remove chaos by physical methodology, we´re still going along the path of the erev rav, the anti-kabbalists. We're still hovering around this expectation and hope for a better world, based on what? On a superiority of physicality. And my friends it hasn´t worked for 3,400 years, and there is no question that it never will achieve the removal of chaos. The chaos that exists today comes and goes seemingly by some new physical development, some new physical advancement. Only again to crumble and again thrust the entire world back into a chaotic condition. So, this really and this is got to be our consciousness we shall be in a position to avoid this kind of influence and to finally come to the realization of mind over matter. The mind absolutely controls matter. No less in this hand, rises and falls. Only with the thought of consciousness it does not have the ability or the capacity to make some decisions. There are no decisions made on the physical reality Although Satan and this erev rav tend to lead us into the belief that we, with our 1% or 4% consciousness, are directing our show, our own show of life that journey that take us only from one chaotic condition to another. There is no way out other than stretching and and placing more emphasis on the metaphysical, the consciousness of ourselves that is right here. Shabbat Shalom!

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