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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~13:42:43 - 14:03:40

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I just found a small. I think I am going to get the small size. It's not the same one? Oh, it is a bit different. I would like to get the same one. You are right. You need four more, right Ms? Can you hold on for a minute, please? Hold on, please. OK. ― The one we saw on the train... ― To be expected, my joint hurts. Oh boy. Why don't you try sports rehabilitation? Not that pink color, this pink. Oh OK. ― Like... ― It's not growing pains? No, it's not. One, two, three... It's ¥2,990. It is going to be a tricky number for each, isn't it? Yes, it is. Yes, it is. What? I want to go to McDonald's. I want to eat Mac Flurry. Why don't you go home early and make it? ― Then, is it OK to go to.... So I can buy them for everybody? ― No, it's not OK. ― I want to eat... ― Can you call again from Hikorin's cellphone? ― What? To ask if the purple color is OK? ― Yeah, and also can you ask whether he/she can come or not? ― Here? ― Yeah. ― I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting. How many do you have, Ms.? ― Yes, I have some in my hand. We only have five of these in medium size in stock... ― Only five? Not even in small size? Small size? I think we may have in small size. ― Can you hold on for a minute again, please? ― Oh, sure. You need 4 of them in the small size? ― Well, can you check how many you have in small size for now? ― Certainly. Please give me a moment while I check the back room for you. The phone is disconnected. Yeah? ― It's disconnected.... ― Did he/she get in an accident? Stop those realistic stories. ― You need to stop. ― No realistic stories. Everything is going to be fine, the leader has learned C.P.R the other day. ― So, I think only the leader might as well... ― Sarubobo (Japanese amulet). Argh. Despite I am a leader... Yeah. How about changing the color by the division? Then, you can't use the division next year. Let's just mix up all divisions together next year. I don't think so. How about the leader changes the color? Then, I think we will have enough. Even by doing that, even though the leader changes the color, extra large and LL size are for the leader. Medium size would be only for me. Only one medium size would be added. ― You're right... ― What should we do? ― How about the rangers also change their color? ― Hmm, I see. What should we do? These are not sold at all. Look, they are occupying this much place. ― I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting. The small size is all sold out in this store... ― Oh, really? Um, the color. You want them all in the same color? ― Yes. You mean you have these in a different material? ― Yes, this one in medium size. So, all of your stock is already on the shelf? ― Yes, some products are still stacked in the back of this store but... ― I see. ― Almost all products you see here are all we have left... ― Oh OK. ― I see. ― I am very sorry. ― Thank you. So, what should we do now? It means nothing if the leader... Should we give up on purple? I don't want to. What should we do? How about this one? If you could give me some time, we can get them... ― Yes. ― From another one of our branch stores. ― OK. Thank you. What should we do? I don't know. If everybody agrees this one is OK, then I think everything is going to be OK but... Touch it, it feels weak. This one seems better, right? It feels weak, right? ― It feels like it will wear out. ― Right? ― It may get worn out if you wash... ― Right? ― If you wash it may get worn out... ― You can't go camping with this... ― No way. ― Right? ― It can't make it... ― We should definitely choose this one. ― It may get torn on the first day you wear it. ― Right? ― Then we should choose this one, right? ― Right. Argh, what should we do? We need to think. Purple color is... This color? It will be this color? Or, this, this light blue... Yeah. ― This medium size... ― How about everybody changes colors together? ― Gaudy green. Gaudy green. Like the five Power Rangers. ― Like we are five pairs... ― Yes, yes, Five rangers. ― It's embarrassing. ― Argh, what should we do? It seems like this one has a different material. Yeah... That one must be the same one too, called "Dry Kanoko". Is it different? It is different. Yes, it's different. But it's only gonna be an alternative for medium size. Yeah. How many medium size do we need? Nine of them? Did I put it away? One, two... Four. We need nine of them in medium size. Five, six, seven, eight... We have nine of them in medium size. I see, nine of them in medium size. It's great, it's good. I can wear large size. ― Then, are we going to make it into a large size? ― Yeah. Can you exchange a medium size one with small size one? Because I can wear small. ― I will cry if it doesn't fit. ― It fits. I made this in small size the other day. ― Yeah? ― Remember, we made a sample? ― Yeah. ― That was a small size. ― Really. So one small size and then 7 of them in medium size? Right? 8 in total. But we only have one, two, three, four, five... So 3 more in large size? Is it OK? Or should we change the color? What should we do? I prefer purple. Yes, maybe you like to wear purple but it won't match with how many we have. If we consider how many we have, I think we should change the color. Yeah. That gaudy green is OK for me. Gaudy green is too embarrassing for me to wear! If you go camping, you can match with other green colors. In the end, everybody would blend into the forests and we wouldn't be able to find anyone. That's fine with me. Or this khaki color? I thought you don't like khaki color. You're right. It's not a bright color, you know. ― It's dark, a bit too dark. ― I think it's dark. What should we do? ― That side, they only have in the pink color? Yellow, not good. ― Red. ― Yeah, it's same as that. What should we do, are we going to go with purple? Yes, we are. ― What about the one on display?― No, it's not the same one, I've already checked it. It's not the same one right? The mannequin is not wearing it, is it? The mannequin is not wearing the purple one, is it? I thought I just saw it. Really? So, are we all done here? Are we all set? I think we are all set. Next time... First come, first served. Right. We should have done this last week, even the week before last. But only two people came last week, right? So, we are filling up your loneliness from last week, you know? So, are we all set? Yes, we are. Now, what do we do? ― What do we do with money? ― We'll split the bill equally. We'll split the bill equally. Can you figure out how much it's gonna be per a person? How much is it, per person? It's ¥2,900, so? 2 for ¥2,990? Yeah, so divide ¥2,990 by 2. 1...495? How much? ¥1,495. Am I right? Really? Wow, that's amazing. ¥1,495. Wow, I was right. ― ¥1,495. ― Yeah, it's ¥1,495. So, it's ¥1,495. Please. I wonder if I have ¥95. ― Never mind, let's go and pay. ― I don't have ¥95. ¥95? Does that mean the leader has to give ¥5 change to everyone? The leader doesn't have that many ¥5 coins. ― Oh, can you all bring these home? ― What? Yeah, sure. Sure. Because I can't bring them home. Sorry. Excuse me, please. How many do we have? How many do we have? About 14? 14? About 14. About 14, thanks. ¥90. Do you have ¥90? I only have ¥80. Hey, I only have ¥80. OK. Everybody thinks you guys are in the checkout line. Yes. Um... What should I do. Can you put them in 3 separate bags? It doesn't have to be perfectly equal. Yes. ― Yes. ― Here is your change. Please confirm. Lots of people are in line, aren't they? One bag per person, OK? Because I asked them to put them in 3 separate bags. Excuse me, I need extra bags. Can you please give me 7 extra bags? Thank you. ― Are these OK for you? ― Yes. Thank you. Now, can you bring them to the others for me? Thank you so much. ― Yeah? One bag per person. ― OK. Oh, hey hey hey. You can now go back to "Midori center" on your own. OK. Take care of yourself. The door is closing. The door is opening. The door is closing. The door is closing. The door is opening. Excuse me. Thank you. Uh..."The shutter sound" Oh it's hot. Please. ― Please take me to Higashi-Koganei station. ― Yes. ― Please wait a moment, you will be guided shortly. ― OK. Sigh. Sigh. Come on.

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Duration: 20 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 7, 2009

GL Japan Tape 7 (iii)

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