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I am IH Compilation

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We're one of the world's largest paint and coatings manufacturers. [I AM IH, KATHLEEN S. MURPHY, CIH, SHERWIN WILLIAMS] My title is the Global Director of Regulatory Affairs. And I have a pretty broad team around the world. [RUSS HAYWARD, CIH, AIHA] I am in the business of protecting workers when they're on the job, protecting them from occupational hazards. And I do that through numerous ways. [VICKY TAY, CIH, EXXONMOBIL ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD] I'm an Industrial Hygienist at ExxonMobil, and I currently support the Singapore refinery. We are a key playing a role in ensuring that our co-workers go back home safe and healthy every day. A typical day for me really these days is trying to figure out how do we integrate two very large teams together and to make sure that we don't have any lapse in service to any of the folks that matter. Biweekly joint site inspections with the environmental engineers to walk the ground, ensure compliance to site procedures. I pulled together teams to work on new subject matters. We've developed exposure limits for the general public to help them know when it's acceptable to stay in the area to evacuate and some of the health aspects associated with that exposures. We get to learn and share a lot with one another. We have regular forums and networks where we interact with our colleagues from America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, and we can leverage on each other's knowledge and share best working practices. This helps to develop robust practices that is meaningful to all practitioners. My job brings me a lot of satisfaction because I know that our product is used globally. My job is to protect the workers throughout their working lifetime that they can go home that evening the way they came to work that long term they're not going to have health problems that really hits me, you know, to be able to do that sort of thing. I am Vicky Tay. Russ Hayward. Kathy Murphy. - And I am... - And I am... I am IH. [AIHA® Protecting Worker Health]

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