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Burns Hyundai - Kona Iron Man Edition Walkaround

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Hey everybody, My name is Taylor McGlone and as you know, I'm one of the sales consultants here at Burns Hyundai Now the car I want to talk to you about today is a very very special car that I've been excited about since I found out about it and it is...The Kona Iron Man Edition! Some of my favourite things about this car is you have a custom matte grey paint as you can see there are iron accents all over the car it says Marvel on the hood. If you look down here, you do have 18 inch alloy wheels with the Iron Man car accent and the Iron Man emblem. You have the Iron Man emblems on the side Walk around the rest of the car Now cool thing is with this matte grey paint is you don't see that come from the factory a lot from a lot of manufacturers. So actually, when you purchase this vehicle, you do get a matte car care cleaning kit and it does help to protect your paint. Some other easy features that you see is back here you do have the parking sensors, when your're in reverse, if the car detects a moving object or if you're backing up towards something it will give you the beeping just to let you know how close you're getting to that vehicle. Just take a look at this car, man. This is awesome, I've been so excited for this car for a while, it's got all your favorite Hyundai features and it's still has your Hyundai warranty. Your Hyundai warranty is 10 years or 100 000 miles on the powertrain you have 5 year 60 000 mile new car warrantee 5 year unlimited mile roadside assistance and this also comes with the Bluelink, which is a subscription that you can have on your phone It's complimentary for 3 years and you can remote start the car, lockem out the doors, and you can even sign a point of interest out to your navigation system. Now let's hope in this car, I wanna see everything else that you can get with it. Let's take a look inside. The first thing you're gonna notice is the dashboard is signed by the one and only Tony Stark Take a look around, you can see there's a lot of black and red accents on it's accent the entire whole Iron Man-esque look You also have the Stark Industries Logo and the Iron Man Logo engraved into the seats, which adds a nice little touch to the Iron Man mobile itself. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna hop into the driver's seat we're gonna show you what happens when we start the vehicle up and we're gonna go over some more of the features, alright? Let's go Now you do wanna make sure you have the right key to the correct car and you could tell so by looking at the Iron Man symbol on the back of your Kona key So we're gonna start the car up, you could check out the dashboard it says System Check and you got Iron Man checking on himself making sure that all systems are go. Now you look in the center and this is your standard dual screen You do have 3 months of complimentary Sirius Xm along with FM and AM radio Also if you have a compatible phone you do have apple car playing Android auto, which gives you the usage of your phone projected onto your screen where you can use Apple maps, Google maps, Ways, and any music streaming apps. On your left you do have your navigation system which comes with the vehicle that's also part of your BlueLink, that you do have for 3 years complimentary you can send out a point of interest to the vehicle. So when you're getting ready to leave the restaurant or you're getting ready to leave the movie theatre when you're done seeing Marvel Avengers Endgame you can send your point of interest out to the car before you get ready to go. Down here like I said, is your digital setup and then down here on both sides you do have heated seats. You have an all wheel drive button, so when it's snowy you can lock the all wheel drive in to give you some better traction and you do have the parking sensor assist you can always turn that feature off if you would like to. The car come standard with automatic headlights and Bluetooth, and also every Hyundai loving feature is the blind spot detection your rear cross traffic alert and emergency braking with the pedestrian detection and the automatic stopping. Now it's time for me to give Tony Stark his car back. He did lend it to me for a couple of hours, but listen guys, thank you so much for watching this video, I hope you found it informative. Remember Burns treats you best, and I'll see you at the movie theatre.

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