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What are rudraksh? (Part 2) Sadhguru

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now, this rudraksha has many other benefits for example let's say this water see sadhus and sanyasis used it like this suppose you are walking in the forest there is a little water, you want to drink it now if you hold the rudraksh it will tell you whether you should drink the water or not in nature also, water could get poisoned with gases and certain things it could cripple you or even kill you now you hold this over this water if its good water, it will go in clockwise directions if it is poisoned, it will go in anti-clockwise direction even if you put a minute drop of poison in this kind of poison that you can neither taste nor smell you put it and hold the rudraksh this water is good similarly with different aspects for example see we are holding yoga mudra I've been telling you onlt the mudra should be tight rest of the arm must be loose and relaxed. you just watch this if I hold the mudra properly, it will go clockwise if i create tension in my whole arm it will go anti-clockwise you see that's why the mudra. only this must be tight if you create tension in the body you're creating negative situation in the system there are various other benefits from a rudraksh one thing is many of you might have noticed this, in certain places not in every place, in certain places, a new place if you go to even if you are physically exhausted you're unable to sleep. have you noticed this in certain places even though you are physically exhausted, you are just not able to sleep in a certain new place where you have been this is simply because your own energy maybe used to a certain atmosphere suppose you go a new place where the energies are not condusive to your kind of thing, then your body cannot settle so for a travelling person one thing about the spiritual life then was you never stay in one place you keep moving all the time so for a person who eats and sleeps in different places on a daily basis for him rudraksh is a great boon because it creates a cacoon of your own energy outside energy will not influence you. wherever you go you carry your home with you. thats how it is this also is a kind of protection you know people use negative energies to affect other people's lives you are aware of this? uh...what do you call that here? yes.. pilli soonyam, the black magic or whatever you call it. there are various kinds of arts one veda, out of the four vedas, one veda is dedicated towards this. the atharvana veda is all about how to manipulate energies to your benefit and somebody's detriment if you wear rudraksh, it also protects you against that kind of negative situations many times these things could happen to people even though they are not directed towards them. right now let's say somebody's doing some black magic to me but I am not receptive to it. you're sitting here, you may get it it is not necessary it must be aimed at you if you are susceptible at a certain moment you will get it so many many times people may go through bad patches and things like that, don't ascribe this 0:04:50.889,0:04:55.559 i don't want to create fear in your mind, but many times we have seen people being influenced by certain things not knowing what's happening blaming all kinds of things not knowing what exactly is happening with themselves wearing a simple mala gives a certain level of protection for that person like this that are so many other aspects to it everybody can wear panchamukhi or five-faced rudraksh other rudraksh, if you want to wear somebody who knows what it is must choose and give it to you just buying some rudrakshfrom a shop and wearing it would not be a good thing to do.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the origins, history and special qualities of the rudraksh seed. (AO38)

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