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How to Get Vidmaster Challenge Classic on Halo 3 ODsT!

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Alright This is a Kikichu1 Production and Today Were Gonna Be Showing you How to Get The Vidmaster Classic on Halo 3 ODST. So What You Wanna Do Is Be On Uplift Reserve Because its The Easiest Place and Be on Legendary You Dont Need any Skulls On But You Can If YOu Want. So yeah Lets Get Started (Beeping Noise) So Im Just Gonna Skip To The Part Where I Get To The Warthog Trooper Over Here Help Us Secure This Vehicle So When I Got In The Warthog I Just Uh Watch That Chopper Hit it Head On And It'll Tear Us To Pieces Went To The Back Chilled Out There for a Little While. And Then I Decided To Go Out There And Got Toasted Okay Lets Just Redo This Again Remember That You Cannot Fire or Throw a Grenade. So I Went Over Here And I Just Got Lucky Here Except For This Part. And Then I Decided I Needed Health So I Just Went And Got a Health Pack And Then I Took The Rest Of The Road On A Ghost. You Can Boost..Its Easy. And You Can Splatter People But Its Kinda Useless So At This Part... I Did The Smart Way and Went Up The Hill and Tried My Best To Go Right In There So I Just Hid There Until That Chopper Left and My Health Was Good Again So I Just Grabbed The Health Pack and Grabbed The New Ghost And For Some Reason I Just Flipped Off. So I Tryed Making a Run For It And I Crashed into a Chopper and That Was Just Retarded So I Grabbed a Health Pack and Got In The New Ghost And Right here I Just Took A Right Turn So Over Here Just Take a Left And Finish The Stage And Thats How You Get The Vidmaster Classic and Thanks For Watching.

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Posted by: kikichu1 on Mar 7, 2010


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