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Welcome to the tutorial on quizzes as usual we'll show you the quiz tool and how to get there, and how to use it. So, with the quizzes like all things as we've said in this updates box you will notice if there are quizzes available for you to take, because how I have quizzes set up you will see the quizzes from the whole semester are available until you've taken them, and the window of time has completed. So, that is something to kind of note. So again with all things there are two ways to reach the quizzes you can do that through materials content and you can of course go through assessments quizzing. So, if we were to go to materials content and we were to say ok I am going to take the D2L Course Orientation quiz or one of the unit quizzes you will find a link for all of those they will take you straight to the quiz So if I were to click this it will take me straight into the quiz it'll give me any of the information and updates that I need to know What all the instructions say is to really pay attention to saving your responses as you go because that will be really critical for you as a student to make sure that you do when you are taking this quiz you don't lose your work. So that's one way to take it of course if you want to see all of the quizzes available you can go to the Quiz List and you will see all of the quizzes and their due dates when they end when quizzes end they end So please be aware of that D2L time is a bit of a mystery so just because it says 11:59 on your computer clock it does not necessarily mean that D2L time is 11:59 It could already be 12:02 So that's something to be aware of when you go to open a quiz it will lock down when this time has been reached. Like I said if you were to click a quiz you can see the current time tell it to update you will sometimes get some description information It will tell you important information about the time so this one says estimated time of about 20 minutes but technically the time is unlimited you only have one attempt allowed and of course it will tell you if there were any completed which there are not so it will tell you those kinds of bits of information and you will have a little button down here as a student where you can take this quiz so you would click the little start quiz the little blue button it will usually give you a warning like are you sure you want to do this and than you have the quiz will open up so as one of the things you want to note when it comes to quizzes is there are these little disquetes i know most of you don't know what that is anymore but these are how you save and so when you answer a question you want to click the save right here and you''ll notice this has turned blue and you'll want to do that for every question you answer click save you can change an answer and just click save after that right and you just wanna keep doing that throughout the quiz say you were to click the first five and then you know were to just skip down and hit save all responses right its going to warn you that go to submit quiz its going to warn you that you haven't answered all these questions and so you can go back and answer these questions and so here now your back at question six you save seven if you know were to not save you'll notice that just because you answered those disputes never made blue so I answered questions eight nine and ten but I didn't hit the save button and now if I go to submit quiz it will save them automatically however were I to have been dropped off of the internet and in the time I was taking this than what would of happened is that these questions would of probably been lost so it is something to kind of keep aware of the more you save your questions as you go the better off you are so now I'm going to hit submit quiz and you really wanna make sure you follow through with the buttons so submit quiz yes I would like to submit my quiz and what you'll notice is you do get an attempt score now obviously this is a very bad attempt mostly because I didn't read the questions which you'll want to do the other thing that will happen is once you have taken this right after you will get some information on your attempt one of the things to note when you take a quiz that if once you save it sometimes there is information on the confirmation screens so you wanna be kind of aware of that when you go to submit your quiz there maybe information so if the instructor has allowed you to see what questions you got right or wrong that will show up when you hit this attempt so as you take a quiz if you ever take a quiz you can click that go back into it. You can click this drop down and see your submissions and again from that you can actually see, if I took this a second time, I would be able to see each submission from that submissions report. So that's really something important to note that there is a little drop-down menu here and that submissions is critical. If the instructor isn't able to report then you also get information there. So that's something, again, submissions, if I had taken this quiz which I didn't, then I would get that list. So that's the quizes Once you have a score then that score will show up in the gradebook. Which I can't show you for confidential reasons but within assessments/grades you will get to see your grade.

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