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Teach you Design of: CONSCIOUS Mind and Human Enslavement

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Conscious Mind - Design of the Conscious Mind Hi there this is the, conscious mind, communicating about the conscious mind within and as human beings Now the conscious mind exists as the thoughts, that you are 'conscious of' meaning the 'thoughts' that, run around and circulate in your mind consantly- constantly and continuously 'during the day' thoughts that thoughts are that 'which you think', about! thoughts are that which you follow thoughts are that which you taken into 'consideration' thoughts are that which you allow to 'direct you', thoughts are that, which you allow to tell you, inform you, and control you, of who you are, what you must be, and how you must be So here I am as the manifestation of the conscious mind Now, I am part of the, entire mind consciousness system inside human beings I am the first level, within the mind system 'that is allocated' in the brain, area brain/mind/head area of each and every single human being in the first level which is me the conscious mind the second level! the subconscious mind, the third level! the unconscious mind Now, within me as conscious mind thoughts are 'generated', from within the subconscious mind, into me as the conscious mind! so the 'origin' of thoughts are actually in the subconscious mind Which are, created from within the subconscious mind and and then they manifest within me as the conscious mind So, I have one, definitive, certain statement 'to make' and that is that human beings: You are not your thoughts, you are not the mind and, I understand that, for many human beings it is, 'quite a concept - to grasp' because 'these thoughts' that run around in your head, that you constantly continuously 'believe yourself to be', that you can't be trusted that you've come to Rely on that you've come to, believe and perceive 'to be who you really are', and here I am saying: That is not who you are. Now the question obviously is: If I'm not my thoughts, If I'm not my mind, then, who am I? Well this is a process that, we are currently assisting and supporting human beings with There is, quite an extensive process to participate in in terms of "the realization of yourself" that you're not "the mind" and that is to 'stop me'! (smile) to stop me from generating, thoughts feelings and emotions 'within you' which you have come to believe and perceive yourself to be! Now I am, as the conscious mind inside human beings I assist with the generations of 'emotions and feelings', as well but the 'origin' of emotions and feelings, come from the subconscious mind so myself and the subconscious mind, have got 'quite a relationship' going inside human beings In terms of generating you like robot obviously directing you controlling you, enslaving you who you are as the being inside the human physical body, 'is our slave' 'You give me', as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the ability to 'exist' the ability to generate 'thoughts, feelings emotions', and in that create the entire 'package' of what, you believe in perceive yourself to be Now there is, much I am able to explain in terms of what I consists of but then my 'base program' let's call it that in terms of my relationship with the subconscious mind is to create the, alter personality of you from, your starting point as the mind So literally, all that you, think you are all that you 'experience' yourself as all that you believe to be 'how you believe yourself to be' originates from myself, and the subconscious mind, within and as human beings Now the mind in it's entirety is an interdimensional "placement", within and as human beings already at birth So when you, are inside the mother's womb you start developing, as a mind consciousness system 'together with and as' the human physical body So the mind consciousness system, is intertwined and infused and manifested within and as the human physical body So as you grow up inside this world, which is actually the unified consciousness field you start developing your mind starting from the 'subconscious' into the 'conscious', and then as you grow up you start actually, thinking, you thoughts are real you thoughts are 'normal', your thoughts are ok, your thoughts 'are you'! you know it's, normal to think when actually, it's the direct opposite. if you think, you're a mind you're a mind consciousness system, inserted "at birth"! by a handful of dimensional beings, to control, and then enslave humanity Now the mind as myself or me, being part of the mind in it's Totality is quite a limited system and, human beings are, 'limited' and there is still much to be revealed, in this process to come, because what has been lost in this world, and within human beings 'is common sense' and, 'Life and living', even the Concept of living is lost, because you don't live! you're a robot and, I am that robot that is you because I am of the mind, I am the conscious mind within and as 'human beings' I, say to you what you are I, 'program' you, of what you must be how you must experience yourself, nothing that you've ever "been" - experienced spoken, thought, lived, 'was you'! it was me as the conscious mind 'together', with the subconscious and unconscious mind therefore human being excuse me there is some hefty changes ahead and, we're here to assist and support you that's why we are here 'giving a perspective' about what, and who we are not throwing you, in the deep end because you're already in the deep end Thank you very much. this is the conscious mind Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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