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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -17:00:00 - 17:29:59

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The cat has no worries. You have a nice house. —Thank you. It's our second house in Trois Rivières. I'm from around Montreal. Valleyfield, it's west of Montreal. Évelyne is from Sorel. We met while we were both studying at the Quebec Maritime Institute in Rimouski. Then, we moved in together for the first time in Rimouski. After that, we moved to Valleyfield, near the lake. We bought a house there. In 1996, we bought a house. Then I became an apprentice pilot here, in Trois Rivières, in 2000. From 2000 to 2003, we lived in another house in Trois-Rivières-Ouest. We've lived here for ten years, since 2003. Five years ago, we bought a house by the lake in Champlain. We spend our summers there, relaxing, enjoying water sports, going to the beach. We call it a cottage, but it's really a house you can live in year-round. It's good for when you need a change of atmosphere. We sometimes wonder if we should sell this house and the cottage to just buy a bigger house, or just another house by the water. That way, we could take advantage of the lake year-round, whereas now, we only do when we go to Champlain. We like, though, that we can change... If we only had one house by the water, we would never have a change of environment. What's fun about going to Champlain is that we get a change of atmosphere, we find ourselves in different circumstances, and we really appreciate that. Do you have a boat there? We had a boat but we sold it last week. We do have a personal watercraft. We ride it a lot. Water sports are fun for the kids. There's a lot to do, and we have access directly to the beach in Champlain. —Zach and Fic are downstairs. —Where is Jo? I don't know where he is. I thought he stayed here. —He's not downstairs? —He must be. —Boys! —What? —Is supper ready? —In five to ten more minutes. Were you there when they called? —What time are you leaving at? —Around 8:00. After supper I'm going to go take a shower, iron my clothes, and then I'll be ready to go! Évelyne doesn't iron. I have to iron because she does't do it. —No, Pierre takes care of the ironing. —Exactly. What were you doing with this? —No, Joaquin. Those pants are way too hot. —No! I always wear them! Though it's possible that it's because I put my Harley pants to dry. You didn't dry them. —Go put them in the dryer. —They are in the dryer. —They must be dry, then. —Come on, Joaquin, who wears polar fleece in the summer? What's your chicken saying? —You know, he says he likes the barbecue, he thinks I did a good job. He's golden brown, looks as if he just came back from a two week vacation in Jamaica. It looks awesome. —Where did you get that soda? —Fic? —What? —Are those your clothes? —Did they interview you this afternoon? —No. —How come? —I don't know. —Didn't you have an interview scheduled with the CBC? —They didn't call me. —They didn't call? —No. I haven't heard from them. —Did he do his radio thing? —No, he says they didn't call. What are you doing tomorrow, Zachary? —Sleeping. —The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. —I'll be in the basement. —Why aren't you going to school tomorrow? —He forgot to bring back the permission slip for the outing. —They told you all the places were full? —Yes, all the lists too and everything. The bus schedules are already in the classroom, and who is going where. —Are you sad? Pacific. Put the can down. Who told him he could have a soda? —No one. —Where did that 7-Up come from? —From Guillaume's. —From Guillaume's? Did you ask if you could take it? —Yes. —No. You didn't ask. Now put that down, it's not time for that. —Mom, he asked Guillaume. —I'm going to the bathroom. —There's a Minecraft update. —A Minecraft update. —Are you sad that you're not going, Zach? —No. —Not too sad? —I've already been to all the places. —What? —So it works for you, then? Your dad didn't know what to do. He was ready to drive you. —It works for me. I'm tired. —You're tired? Do you happen to have any exams on Friday? Are you sure? —Can we play Minecraft? —I don't have the update yet, though. Zach, can you update it? Zach? —Yes. —Is it like the other Minecraft? You know, the one you had on your tablet? —Survivalcraft? A bit, yeah. It's almost the same. The pixels aren't as clear though. No, it's true. Check it out, it's a bit ugly. I think it's weird. Let's go outside. Hang this up on the clothes line. I'm going to charge my cell because I'm about to run out of battery. This way, it will charge, so then it will be at full battery by the time I get on the boat. We went to get the caramel pudding. —Pudding? —I mean caramel popcorn. Be careful, Pierre, it will be hot. —What are you putting it in? —The Pyrex. Évelyne? —Yes, dear? What? —Is it ready? —You have to untie it to find out. —You'll see, they're super nice. —Untie the leg. I want to see. Oh my God. There's so much grease at the bottom. —Yeah, that's why it's so good. —There's beer, too. Are you bringing them both in? —Yes. —That one looks bigger, though. —Yes. Are you taking it out? —I'm trying. Bring everything in. Take the can out after. Where do I put it? In the Pyrex? —No, but... are you able to untie the... —I'm not sure. —Yippee! —That's not good. —Leave it there, we'll take it in later. No, I want to take it out. Maybe you need another mitt. What if I hold the thing at the bottom? Hold on a minute, OK? Chicken on a can. It's pretty cool. —Awesome. —Alright, boys. —OK, come eat! Look how cool these are. Smell that. Mmm. Smell! It smells good. Are they both the same? —Yes, they're the same. —Stop that! Can you turn off the tablet, Joaquin? —Yes. —No, Joaquin. Not at supper time, Joaquin. —Is there milk in there? —No. It's just creamy. —The non-creamy one is better. —There's ice tea, Joaquin. —But it's homemade "athé" ice tea. —Antan, not "athé". —There's lemonade. —Ah, yes! —Did you buy two things? —No, —he only bought one. —Two things? —Two things of lemonade. —I only got one. —Make sure the glasses aren't too big. —There was no coconut. I checked, but there was none. —How come there was no coconut? —There just wasn't any. I checked, though. Hey Jo, no one is online. —Jo, breast or... —Breast or drumstick? —Breast. —What's the difference? —Well, you know. One of them is a breast, the other is a leg. This is more of a leg, this is more breast. —Try flying with a breast. —Is it supposed to taste different? —A chicken doesn't even fly. —Of course not, it's dead. —It doesn't fly whether it's alive or dead. —The skin came off. —Yeah, I want skin! Come here, skin. —This is white meat. —Is that barbecue sauce? —I want a drumstick. —What's that? —A chicken. —Guess. —Its neck. —Its what? —Its neck. —Its neck is there. —No, its neck is there. —No. —Yes. —No! —Yeah, can't you see his little arms? —One of them doesn't even have a neck, I can tell you that much. I needed space to fit the can. —They're all tied together. —This one is still tied? I'll cut it. Yes, it's good. —Like a pro. —It will taste even better with barbecue sauce. —Like a chef. —We look like a little family around the turkey for Thanksgiving. You're not supposed to cut the bones. —Who wanted a drumstick? Pacific. —Me. —Be careful, there may be little bones, OK? —Zachary, breast or leg? —I'll take breast meat. —Breast and wing? —Dad, is this still good? —Yes, I made it yesterday. It's very good. —What? —The sparkling water. Is it good, guys? —Bring me my wine glass. —Where is it? —In the fridge in the garage. —Do you want the orange sparking water, dad? —Yes. —OK. I'll give you my glass, I don't like it. —It's orange and grapefruit. —It's not good. —Grapefruit alone is good. —No. —Ketchup, please. —Does anyone want salad? —I'll have the macaroni salad. —That's tzatziki, Pacific. —Next time, please buy the non-creamy one. I don't like the creamy. —OK. Next time. —Watch this, mom. —No, stop. —Not here, it's going to explode. —Zach! —Like a boss. —Do you want some? —Yes. —Where's your flavour? —It's in there. —It's just sparkling water? —No, the flavour is in there. —It's a lemonade flavour so it doesn't show. Thank you! —Who wants salad? —I already have coleslaw. —I'll have some later. —I want that salad. —He's the only one with homework left. —Pacific? —You didn't do them? —I have no more homework. —Sammy... oh yeah. Sammy told me that he had to do his homework, I said, Joaquin told me he didn't have anymore! So he told me it's the extra homework that his dad makes him do. —Joaquin has to do those too. —The extra homework his dad makes him do? There isn't much time left. What, two weeks? What day do they finish on? —It depends for me. —There are twelve days left. —On what day do they finish? —The 21st. —The 21st? —I think I finish on the 19th. Because of the exemptions. —OK. —I think on the 18th I have a French exam, then geography on the 19th, then there's only math and science left and I don't have to do those. —Science isn't a Ministry exam? Math neither? —No. It's a review of what we did during the year. —The Ministry thing isn't true. —Ministry exams are outdated, now it's school exams. —No, they still exist. —No, they made them up to scare people so that they study harder. —Like the boogie man. —Close your mouth when you chew, we'll have proof. We'll be able to go online and say, look at him chewing with his mouth open. —Look how properly my son eats. —Did they confirm that you don't need to write those exams? It has to be accepted. I think they'll refuse. —They'll approve it next week. —Who will? —The teacher, the directors... —They said that if you don't go to the outing at the end of the school year... —Oh, dear God! — wouldn't be accepted. —What a deal. —What's the outing? Where is he going? —He's not going. —I know, but what was he supposed to do? —He's going to sleep. Your brother is tired. —They're going to Village Vacances Valcartier. —That's boring, anyway. —No, it's super fun, it's just that... —Or La Ronde. La Ronde is the biggest waste of money. —Why? —With school, it's boring. —It's because we don't pay enough. We bought the basic ticket last year so he didn't go on any rides. —Where is Guillaume going? —La Ronde. —He's going to La Ronde again? —He's crazy about that place. —OK. —Guillaume loves going on rides. —Did he buy a pass. —Probably. —With others, or alone? —I don't think he has it already. Earlier he was asking his dad for money to buy a pass. —For real? —Yeah, he was asking his dad for money to buy the pass tomorrow. —Did he give it to him? —I don't know, I didn't hear his answer. —No more chicken. —Do you want more? —I want more too. —I have a lot. Give me your plate. —But I want skin. There better be some left. —Pass me your plate. It's quiet, eh? —Yeah, eh? —Our kids are so well-behaved. —I wonder why. It's always calm and collected like this here. It's just a supper like any other. —I don't have any memories of a supper as quiet as this one... —We should hire them year-round at supper time. —Chatting like a perfect family. —Fic, do you want more chicken? You have a bunch left.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
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Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Pierre makes chicken for dinner, sets the table and eats with his family.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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