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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress: Keeping Search Results

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Hi; this is Amit from Digital Inspiration. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can move a blog from to your own domain using WordPress software, without losing any of your blog readers, your RSS subscribers, or any of your search rankings. This whole thing should take about two to three minutes. So this is my Blogger blog. It has three posts about presidents of America, nothing much. And this is my WordPress blog; it's hosted on my own domain. And it has just a "Hello World" post; nothing much. And we have to import everything from Blogger into this WordPress site. So let's see how we can do it. I'll open my WordPress dashboard; from there, I'll go to Tools > Import, and selected Blogger from this. Now, in the next step, I'll need to authorize WordPress so that it can use my Google Account data. I just use the Authorize button, and then on the next screen, I'll say "Grant access". Now, WordPress will show me a list of all blogs that are associated with my Google Account. I select the one that I want to import into WordPress, and say "Import". After the importing is done, I just need to select the author with whom the posts will be associated. I'll just use the default and say "Save Changes". Now that all of the posts are imported into WordPress, let's see how they look on the blog. Next, we need to upload a file to our WordPress templates directory. Now, you may use FTP or puTTY or anything else, so switch to the directory that hosts your WordPress template files, and just upload this file. It's a very simple process. Next, we need to rename this file from blogger.php.txt to simply blogger.php. Now, go to your WordPress dashboard again, and click Pages > Add New to create a new page. Let's call this page "Blogger". Base this page on the template "Blogger", which you just uploaded to your WordPress templates directory. Next, open your Blogger dashboard and go to "Edit HTML". Then, scroll down and you'll see a link that says "Revert to Classic Template". Just click that. Now, open the Classic template generator, and type the address of your WordPress site. Make sure you type the full address, including the http:// and the trailing slash. Click "Submit", and this will generate a Classic template for you. Just copy the entire thing, and paste it into your template area. Then, save the changes.

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Sep 21, 2009

Amit Agarwal gives a quick tutorial on how to move a blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress while minimizing damage to search rankings or results.

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