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Lesson: Aboriginal Dreamtime: Story Of The Spirit Fingers

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After the great Rainbow Serpent finished creating the lands and rivers, a great jungle flourished in the west of the land called Gondwana. In this land, many creatures lived in harmony with each other. There also lived a race of Ngoongar people that were favoured by the spirits. They picked berries and caught small animals to feed themselves. There was plenty of food for the people and the creatures that lived there. These people were a noble race. To amuse themselves, they sang and played games. However... the Ngoongars flourished too well! And soon there were too many people in this paradise and they didn't want to leave! Because of this, the jungle soon started to die. The spirits became very unhappy with the people. They were destroying this paradise for all the creatures! So they decided to punish the people for their destruction... That night the spirits sent dreams to all the creatures in the area except the people. The dreams told the creatures to leave to find a new place to live. The next day the creatures started to leave. The first to go were the birds. The people could see flocks of birds going in every direction. They wondered what was happening but thought the spirits would protect them. Next to leave were the dingoes, in great packs! Following them were the kangaroos and then the emus until all the creatures had left. After the animals had gone, the jungle was very quiet. Eerie. Not even an insect remained. People still did not think that anything was going to happen. That night the spirits sent the people dreams of the jungle disappearing and great mountains rising up! Punishment had begun. People woke and they started running away. They were caught in a barrier of rock rising from the ground, with no way of getting out. However, the spirits left a small lake surrounded by trees for the people. After the mountains rose, the spirits told the people why they had done what they did. The people realised their mistake and felt very ashamed. The people lived in solitude for many, many years. After some time the spirits decided that the people had learned their lesson. The spirits started to let the mountains fall. The spirits, however, left a mark to remind them of their punishment. They were in the shape of the fingers of the spirits to remind the people of the wrath that can be brought down onto them. This is how the Pinnacles were created.

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Animated story of an Ngoongar Dreaming legend.

The whole series is available for purchase here

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