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SéqTAG JC Biver version inter def 7'36-H264

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce first, for one second, myself. "All you need is love." All you need is love. In this same song, The Beatles were saying there is nothing you can do that cannot be done. Those two statements-- all you need is love, and there is nothing you can do that cannot be done-- have dictated, have traced my life. TAG Heuer is a phenomenal brand, as you know. It's the second strongest in the states. It's one of the strongest in the world. And TAG Heuer is an important brand for the trade. It's an important brand for the Swiss watch industry. It's an important brand for you. And of course, it's a very important brand for LVMH and for us at TAG Heuer. The past was just brilliant. Of course, a few elements were not the right ones, but who can always do it right? But the past is something we have inherited and we will never reject. But we will prepare the brand for the future, and the future of this brand will be slightly different than the past because the future is not anymore the same. The people are not anymore the same. The customers are not anymore the same. And fashion is not anymore the same. The trends are not anymore the same. The tastes of people are not anymore the same. The watch industry is not anymore the same. So let me tell you how we see at TAG Heuer our future. To promote the product, we need communication. And to communicate we've got to go where the young people are going to. Where are they going to? They are going to digital. The digital is the future. Even myself when I am staying in a hotel, I don't ask any newspapers in the morning. Why should I ask a newspaper? I read the news on the Internet. So TAG Heuer is going digital. Digital is the future. Digital is where we are going. We will have a few universes, communications platforms. One is obvious, you all know. It's sport because we are a sporting brand. We are a luxury sporting brand. We have credibility in sport. We have been in sport since ever. We are the master of chronograph. We are the biggest chronograph producer. So sport is where we belong to. But we decided we would also open to other universes, like lifestyle. Lifestyle and sport. They match together. There's no problem. And lifestyle is a domain where we are going to invest. We'll also go into art or music. Music is art. And last but not least, we will not forget the universe of Swiss-ness-- Swiss tradition, horology, high horology-- and also modernity, but always Swiss made, Swiss-ness. So those are four universes we are going to work on-- sports, lifestyle, art & music, and Swiss-ness. And for each universe, we are going to take ambassadors, and we are going to create events. And we will develop a kind of event marketing, and we will be present in all this social media with the four universes and the ambassadors. We just took on Cara Delevingne. Whoever doesn't know her can say to himself that he's old. If you don't know Cara Delevingne, consider you as being as old, as I consider of myself as being old when my son, 15 years old, told me Cara Delevingne, she's sitting next to you. I said, who? And he said, Cara Delevingne. My other children-- 22 years old, 24 years old-- were sitting with me, and they said, papa, you don't know Cara Delevingne? I said no. But when I saw her one day later, we entered in contact, and I said I want Cara Delevingne. So whoever doesn't know her, that means you are like me, but you can also be now immediately young, because you can learn. And whoever learns, stays young. Learning keeps you being young. We are opening music. We are doing now a contract with a few-- I cannot tell them all-- but one I can already tell you, David Guetta. David Guetta is a DJ. So you see Cara Delevingne, David Guetta, some of you might say, what is he doing? I am talking to the young people. Whatever universe we're going to take, whatever ambassador we're going to take, we want to connect to the next generation, to the future. Not to old people like me. But old people like me, they buy the stuff young people like because they want to be connected to young. So this is very clear. $1,000, $4,000 price range. Talking to the new generation. Going where the new generation goes. If the new generation goes on the big wave and if they surf, we're going to be in surfing. If the new generation goes with One Republic and goes to Coachella Festival, we're going to be there. So you see, we're going to follow our customer, and the customer will be the young generation. And this is an enormous program that we have started. We will connect to the young people. We will do a wearable watch, a connected watch for sure. There's no doubt. We have to do it. It's get a must that a brand like Hublot or Breguet doesn't make connected watches. Why not? I can't understand. But not TAG Heuer. We are talking to the young generation, and we are going to do a connected watch with the best people. Every, every, every week we have people from TAG Heuer being in Silicon Valley. Every week. We will come out with a fantastic connected watch. Don't worry. Trust me. Trust me. I trust you, and together we are building an incredible story for the future. An incredible story which already exists because TAG Heuer is such a successful brand. It has just to connect to the future, and the future has started.

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SéqTAG JC Biver version inter def 7'36-H264

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