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Protecting children. Providing solutions Children in institutions would like a family to take them home. Knock Knock, Anyone Home? A theatre performance Children want someone to love and take care of them. Východočeské divadlo Pardubice , June 9, 2015. Written and acted by children from the Lumos child participation programme. Love. This performance details the contrasts between a child’s life at home and a child’s life in an institution, expressing the children’s opinions through the use of shadow-puppetry and moving images in an original performance. It’s good to belong somewhere. We get together at Lumos activities. There are 16 of us, between 12 and 16 years old. We’re all very different. We have children from the Holice children’s home, the Slatiňany social care home, and the Svítání - school for children with special needs, as well as children from foster families and their siblings. I want the children to have a good life. The goal for our meetings, which took place once a week, was to encourage children to share their opinions, to get them to open up and share what they think about the DI process that is happening in Pardubice. We wanted them to share their opinions on what it's like to live in institutions, and how they perceive it. We also planned activities, where the children could get to know each other and come to appreciate how each of them comes from a different environment. So we spent a lot of time on games promoting tolerance and respect for others, since some of our children have intellectual disabilities, so it's good to learn how to get along and play together. What do you like best about Lumos meetings? I like talking together at the meetings. I like playing games. I like how we can just talk and share what we think. We really tried to encourage the children to engage in discussion and openly share their opinions, and learn how to express themselves, and explain what they think should be different. The final results of all our meetings is this performance we've prepared for tonight. [INSTITUTION] Time to get up, children! Theatre is the best way for children to share their opinions, what they think. It is easier than just standing up and saying "this is what we think." It's more playful and helps them express themselves using symbols. [INSTITUTION] [Helena Zahálková, Leader of Social department of Pardubice county office] We've been working with Lumos for a fairly long time, maybe five or six years. We really appreciate it, because they show us a better way of providing our services, I'm really curious to see the show tonight, because we at Pardubice County want to hear your voice. What was the most difficult part about preparing for the play or putting on the play in general? That could mean the scenery or anything else. What was the most difficult? The most difficult part was being quiet backstage when we had to. And staying in sync, all together. The most difficult part was putting it all together, - so we wouldn’t' have any mistakes, to get it just right. [INSTITUTION] Our group has some children who have lived in institutions and some who have not. This was a new experience for them, meeting children whose lives are different, with no family, living in an institution far from their loved ones. We worked on this topic at our weekend camp. Once again we used animation as a means of expression - children could bring up their ideas and feelings about institutions and work them into the animation. They talked a lot about it. They even had the chance to talk about it on camera and send a message to children living in institutions. Something they wish for those children. What is the most important thing that you wanted to show people today? What did you want to say to the audience with this play? I wanted to let people know that children should live in families, not institutions. That we don't like being shut up somewhere and its important for us to be with other people and that institutions should be shut down. Yeah, not to be shut up somewhere but to have fun with your friends and stuff. [Petra Kačírková, Country representative of Lumos in the Czech Republic] Our organisation was founded by Ms. Rowling, who has always had an interest in children's rights. The main thing is that the results should be as effective as possible for children and families. Produced by: Lumos Performance prepared by: I’ve got an idea – let’s make a play! Yeah! Special thanks to: Východočeské divadlo Pardubice; Pardubický kraj; Daniel Hrstka; Štěpán Kačírek LUMOS: Protecting Children Providing Solutions.

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