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Dana Reason- Life at OSU

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(piano playing) Hi my name is Dana Reason. I am currently teaching several popular music classes at OSU. And also teaching a music in the movies class and soon to be teaching a world music class as well. (piano playing) When I first came up to OSU, I'd come up from San Diego. Came into town and I thought I really want to be part of the university culture here. And my first job was to teach class piano. And I had a great time last year. I met so many wonderful students because the class piano- people from all disciplines can take the class. So it was wonderful. I had, like, the scientists in there. I had a lot of grad students in there as well. I had the first-term freshmen in there, that were still trying to get their bearings and what to do at school. And I really enjoyed working with the students because I felt like I could influence them in certain ways and be there as a kind of a guide for them if they had questions and- I'm always interested in what the student's doing beyond my classroom. That matters to me. (piano playing) I trained heavily as a classical pianist. And I went through the Toronto Conservatory in Canada. I thought I was going to be a classical concert artist. That's what I had in mind. However life is very interesting, and I ended up at this school in Michigan called the Interlochen Arts Academy. And there, that's where I was exposed to so many other kinds of music. That's where I started writing 20th century, what you would consider, 20th century art music. So if you went to New York City, and you went to the Museum of Modern Art and you saw a big painting on the wall- that was the kind of music. If you can imagine what that sounds like, that was the kind of music that was interesting to me. And it was really kind of a philosophical kind of music, because I like those kinds of questions. So I got exposed to that. I started getting exposed to jazz. I started studying jazz piano. And not that I ended up having a rich history of studying jazz piano, it was kind of like dotted and speckles in there. And so, in a certain way, I kind of taught myself how to out those sounds together in terms of jazz music. And I like that. I mean I feel like I really understand the classical genre very well, and I'm kind of glad that I had to kind of teach myself and fumble my way through and make lots of mistakes in jazz in hopes that I create something different. And I can have kind of a world that intersects with all that classical repertoire, which I love deeply. And have all that wonderful, rich technique wired in my body in come level. So I love how these can come together. (piano playing) (piano playing) I've been really lucky to meet some of the very, very talented staff and faculty at the music department in particular. These people are fantastic artists. And in particular, I've been working and getting to know Michael Collen- Professor Michael Coolen. And he's got a very rich history himself, and I think that with his help- you know, he's kind of- We've had lots of discussions and it's inspired me. For example, I decided that hey, you know, we don't have a class on the Beetles. And I would love to present the Beetles to this class because, to this school, because it's a music that belongs to all generations. And what's so wonderful about this class is I have students that come in and they say "you know my mom and dad have the record collection and I used to listen to it growing up and now it's kind of my chance to connect with them." So I feel like it's an inner-generational class. I'm sure that when the students go home, for like the breaks, they're talking about the Beetles. And this matters to me, that school kind of lives outside of a classroom context. It's alive. (piano playing)

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Dana Reason talks about her influences as both a performing pianist and OSU music instructor.

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