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CSU Monterey Bay's Documentation on Drupal

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Hi, this is Kevin from California State University, Monterey Bay. I'm going to just give a brief introduction to how we are managing documentation in a project we've been working on called ITeam. Which is a general collaboration tool for our IT department What we've done is... we really wanted to build a explicit relationship between an application, a project, or a service with it's documentation pages. So, under "Services and Applications" I have several apps, and I'm just going to go to the university catalog. You'll have to bear with me, the VPN is kinda spotty today :( So here's the catalog pages... the product page with could be analogous to the project page for a module on Drupal with all this extra stuff like change control, etc. But I'm just going to go to click the "New Documentation Page." And we're using Nodereference URL Widget to build the nodereference relationship between this new documentation page and the previous project page. I'm just going to type "Add a user to catalog." And right now, we have minimal taxonomy, but I'm going to just select "Admin documentation." And then a brief description... [typing and mumbling...] I've turned this on for demonstration purposes, but our content contributors will not have this UI... we're using the CCK 3.0 multigroups to build groups of nodereference fields between a documetnation page and another node type called a "Step" and then each step nodereference is grouped with a "Note." A note is just a text area field that can provide additional context to the step that is really only related to the scope of the current docuemtnation page. So I'm going to show you the UI we built instead... [waiting] So now I have this great documetnation page, with no steps. So we build a "Reference Basket" which is a module that will hopefully get into contrib soon, which is basically just a block you turn on for a nodereference field that says "Enable the basket for this field," and when you're on a documetnation page We can just click "Start Adding." Then it's just like a shopping cart, So right now we are adding content to "Add a user to catalog" and we're adding it to the "step" field So we just made a "Steps" view... and there's two ways to add things to this basket: we've done views integration so there's a link field under views that you add which just says "is there an active basket?" If so, just say "Add as "... each field that is appropriate. So "Login to CSUMB Catalog" looks like it... so I'm going to add that one... and [typing in search box] "manage" so you could use any views that you need to help users organize and find their steps Also, if you are viewing a step or a "referenceable" node, in this case we are calling them "Steps," On the page itself, there's an "Add as Step" button, And let's just go grab a few more.... [clicking and mumbling...] Now I have a four-step process, and I'm going to go ahead and "Save Changes" It'll take me back to my documetnation page and I have these nice little numbered steps. If there's a step here, and I have appropriate permissions, if I say "oh, that's outdated information, it's not called manage users anymore," we provided an "edit" link, so you can just go straight to the node edit page for that step These are the "notes" I was talking about... so we can go ahead and click "Add a note" here... and we're just doing a bit of modal UI [thinking and typing and mumbling] And it's updated... so again, each one of these is just step nodes that are referenced. Let's just take a look... So here's all of our steps they're all referenceable, as well as the note. You can drag-and-drop them and delete them. Hopefully we'll add drag-and-drop and delete to the front for the content contributors So that's how we're managing docs at CSU Monterey Bay, and hopefully we'll have that basket module out soon!

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Posted by: kevee on Apr 27, 2010

How CSUMB is handling documentation management on a Drupal installation.

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