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V-LOG final

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My name is Adam and I'm a theatre maker or okay I'm not actually gonna be talking to anyone here Well I'm talking to you but there's no one actually here I'm talking to the window but it seems fitting for a project that is uh... about a window (adam laughs) it's not really about a window. There are lots of windows in it though and I guess the main window in the piece is is a window that is broken into, in my flat which is in the room next door. Which was actually broken into a couple of years ago by an unknown person who - yeah while I was away with my then girlfriend who is now by wife they broke in and stole our wedding rings which didn't seem too big a deal to be honest because the wedding rings - we weren't married yet so they hadn't acquired any sentimental value. Although the real violation, felt like it came in this sort of transgression of personal space and I had returned from Prague on my own where I'd been for a couple of weeks and I remember this sort of distinct feeling that... even though the sort of, the burglary itself was over I had this feeling that there was still somebody there? It was weird. I mean there obviously wasn't but I remember asking the police officer who attended like, you know "do you think they'll be watching the flat?" "do you think they're gonna come back?" you know it just felt like the residue of this person, albeit through the arrangement of personal objects that had been scattered through the flat, was still very much present, you know and I had to keep everything like that sort of, in chaos for a number of, well, almost a day while the forensics, you know, we waited for forensics to come back.

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Posted by: jamescrosscpt on Mar 30, 2021

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