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SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT About 2012 Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan

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My name is Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan. In 1976, I had a fantastic spiritual experience. Ever since then, my third eye opened. So, I could communicate with the UFO people. And also, inside the earth there is a very high civilization existing. Particularly, the head of the librarian inside of the earth. I also communicate with them. And from all of these information I am convinced in 2012, December 22nd. Three days. When this earth is going into the 5th dimension. There is a place called Nuru? When we are passing through that place. Three days. Three nights. We will not be able to use electricity. It will be complete darkness. Day and night. No sun. No stars. No light at all. We are completely in dark for three days. No mass media. No information are announced to the people on this planet. Even government people know it. Just by themselves, so that they can be saved. So they try to escape from this planet. Or they are digging the underground city. Under ?, Norway Holland Switzerland Australia About ten thousand (10,000) people elite, could be saved by living there. I don’t think they are saved anyway. We need to purify our spiritual condition, physically and spiritually. I will tell you how to do it. It is very important. Almighty God, the creator of the Gods itself, is Light and Love, and energy. Part of that energy of Love, we have in our heart We can tell lie to other people. We cannot tell lie to ourselves. That is the conscience, I would call. And each human being have that beautiful part of the creator in our soul. That will reincarnate. That is the eternal life that we have inside. That means, in order to purify our soul, every five years or so, since we are born, We can take a look, with that conscience, how we behaved, how we thought, how we talked about. And all of these things can gratify by looking at our life, every five years, up until now. This way, it’s time we find something, we did something harmful to the other people. We can gratify, and we can purify that. And each time we find it, our heart expands. We can breathe it, very deeply. And each time we have that experience All this darkness is going out of our heart. But all this golden light is coming into our heart. That way, we can see better and better. We still have some time until 2012, December 22nd. Physically, we can also purify our body. First of all, we should never drink canned juice and canned beer. Aluminum is very very harmful to our body. Without knowing, we take all these poisonous food or drink. So, each of our body, we can take care of ourselves, things like that. And some kind of exercise is necessary. And each day, we can reflect our spirit, how it is. In essence, we human beings are Light and Love. Because part of the creator, we have in our heart, and that reincarnate. By leaving our bodies here on earth but the spirit go home, keep on living. On this earth, I could remember my lives, several thousand years back, on this planet. And besides maybe many other parts of the planet I lived. All this memory came back. And I could speak the language I never learned Even so, physically, I experienced the incarnation theory is correct. Well, whoever listen to this conference thing, I think people, it’s safe, we are so divided after 1913. That kind of people, who believe in that kind of concept, and the kind of people who don’t. This splitting very very deeply. And all this side, the kind of people who don't understand this, or believe in it, or completely dark spiritual condition. They will be born to the other planet, just like this earth, there is violence, there is war, they will be born to the other planet. So, we are ready now to have a wonderful conference, very soon, very shortly. Thank you very much.

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Posted by: 88erichamel88 on Jan 13, 2012

SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT About 2012 Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan
ANNONCE FRAPPANTE à propos de 2012 fait par la princesse Nakamaru Kaoru du Japon
She expresses herself with the same words I do "Light and Love"!
Elle s'exprime utilisant les mots "Amour et Lumière" comme moi!

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