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PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixer Webinar Part 1 - CCI Solutions

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] Welcome to Sound Revolution - A Primer on Digital Mixing Solutions. I'm Jerry Lamb from CCI Solutions and soon you'll be meeting Rick Naqvi from PreSonus. We're broadcasting today from CCI Solutions headquarters in Olympia, Washington. Since this is like broadcasting live television, anything can happen. And we've got some guests here in our studio that we're glad to see too and, uh, they'll watch a, the faux pas as they happen, but, uh we'll just have fun with this today and, and if anything happens we'll be up and running, uh, in no time, uh, after we've corrected things. Today using the PreSonus StudioLive we'll teach you how to overcome live sound and recording challenges by showing you numer...numerous things. Here's a list, and I'll read it to you to make sure I get this right. How to get a good sound check. How to achieve your best live sound mixes. Help the sound engineer. Help the band to hear better. And get quick and easy recordings. Now, today, some of this info will be new to you. And many of you are tuning in just to find out if digital mixing is for you. Others of you have your very own StudioLive and you want to find out how to optimize your experience with the StudioLive. This workshop is for all of you. Now stay tuned throughout the event. We've got several exciting things to come even after we're done with, uh, Rick's portion here today. A couple of things before we get started. I need to tell you about CCI Solutions because I know many of you don't know who we are. We're a company that has pro...been providing professional audio, video, lighting and uh recording product solutions to churches and ministries worldwide for over 35 years. We've got experienced sales professionals ready to help all of you "do-it-your-selfers" out there. We can also provide you with complete design build and install systems. And, we've got a group of individuals that will serve you with regard to all of your duplication, supplies and equipment whether you want to do the work yourself or you want to have us, uh create the finished goods for you in whatever quantity that you desire. Our prices are competitive. And our service and support are second to none. Today, you've tuned in, partly because you want to win a free mixer. Well, we're going to be giving away a PreSonus StudioLive, the new 16.0.2 mixer worth $1,299, to somebody that is going to be really happy with this. We're excited for you! But, you can't win unless you've signed up. So we need to have you remember, if you hadn't already signed up go to At the end of our event today we'll tell you who won. The fine print: Federal laws prohibit us from giving this mixer away to anyone outside of the US or the U...United States Protectorates. Last thing I want to share before Rick gets started here, a telling you about the, uh, many virtues of digital mixing.... Questions...We know you'll have them... So, send your questions to us. At the bottom of the screen you'll see that it says [email protected] your questions there during the broadcast. We'll collect them along the way and at the end we'll gather with Rick and we'll share as many of those, uh, answers to those questions with you as we can. If we don't get to all of your questions during the broadcast, we'll be sure to email, uh, you responses as soon as we can today. We also have live operators standing by if you have any questions call 1-800-426-8664 and talk to the many, uh, individuals standing by to serve you. We've got all kinds of specials ready for you. If, uh, you so desire to talk to somebody about a purchase today. We can help. So, let's get started. Rick? You're on man! Alright. Thank you for a. attending this webinar. And a thanks to our, a, studio audience here. I'm Rick Naqvi and, uh, I'm with PreSonus Audio. I've been doing live sound for about 25 years, uhm, as a musician and also as a sound engineer and a recording engineer. Uh, I've been involved specifically with church sound for about 17 years. Uh, I currently play on a worship team. I play guitar, and uhm, I'm going to hopefully try to, uh, go through a little bit, showing you some of the latest tools in digital mixing and software. And, uh, first of all let's just ask the question: Why? Why do you need the digital mixer? What's wrong with the hundreds of thousands of analog mixers out there? Well, there's a lot of benefits of digital. One of the biggest ones is having "instant recall" of your scenes, and for different services also having instant recall of a bunch of settings. Uhm, for example if you are dealing with several different types of services, it's great to be able to hit a button and at least have a starting point. Uhm, you know, if you have a traditional service and then, you know, later on you have a contemporary service, then you have a youth service later on in the week, uhm, it's just great to be able to have that instant recall ability. Uh I, I don't know about you guys that are here, uhm, you ever, you ever...that feeling you get on a Sunday morning when you, when you walk in after there's a, a wedding in the church on Saturday? You know that feeling that you have? That you know, somehow [chuckles], uh you know, everything is kinda chaotic and out of order, and you know...a digital console will definitely help you with that. Uhm, some of the other benefits... uh, with regards to with, a, volunteers. Uhm, you know in the church we, we typically...and I don't know how big the various churches are that are representative, but, you know, at least at our church we have, we have a full-time sound guy, but we have a lot of volunteers that are having to use this equipment and help out. And, you know, a lot...a lot of them don't have a whole lot of experience in sound. Uhm, training a volunteer is, uh, going to be a lot easier using some of these modern day tools. And we're...we're going to show a a little bit of that later on. The next big benefit, honestly, is just the fact that it saves a lot of money. Uhm, you know, if I had to buy all of the components separately that are built into, uh, the StudioLive digital mixer that we're going to be showing today, literally, it replaces racks and racks and racks of gear. Uhm, our 16.4.2 mixer has over 220 different processors, individual processors. So, that includes parametric EQs, and compressors and gates and limiters and recording interfaces, and reverbs and delays and all this stuff. So just aside from the space saving uhm, just, it's it's a lot of money. that, uhm, you're actually saving for the, the amount of functionality that you get. Uh, the next benefit is easy recording. And, you know, this is something with, with regards to PreSonus that's ex...especially important to us. I mean, we, most people that know PreSonus know us from our recording products. Uh, tons of churches we found, just from reading warranty cards, use our recording interfaces to record their services, to record their sermons. So we know that, uh, customers, and churches specifically want to be able to, to record. Uhm, the StudioLive mixer that we're going to be showing, uhm, today, you know, the recording is not an afterthought with it. It was designed specifically to be a, an amazing tool to record quickly and efficiently. So let's just talk about the system that we're gonna be uhm, showing today...and, uh, we call it StudioLive. Really, it's made up of several different components, not just the physical mixer. So of course the first component is the hardware, is the control surface. And, we have 3 different models of mixers. Uh...the one I'm going to be showing today is the 24.4.2. But we also make a 16.4.2 meaning 16 inputs, 4 subgroups, stereo output...and the newest baby borther, the 16.0.2. which is the one we're going to be giving away later on. And that one is going to be shipping in about a month from now. The next component with the StudioLive is Capture. And Capture is literally the quickest and easiest way to capture your live performance. It's a recording program. It's perfectly integrated with the StudioLive hardware. It's literally 2 buttons to record. We're going to show you a little bit about that in a second. The next component is Studio One Artist. Studio One Artist is another software package that's a full-blown recording software digital audio workstation. So this basically has all of your editing tools that have, uh, built-in plugins for effects. uhm, It will allow you to not only polish the recordings that you do in Capture, but also it'll help you to edit your sermons. If you are a a worship leader that, uh, writes your own music, uh, Studio One Artist comes with 6GB of drum loops and virtual instruments and it'd be a great sketchpad and writing tool for you. But then also if you are, uhm, ever interested in creating a, a CD a full blown CD for your church, Studio One Artist wi...has the tools to be able to to do that. And then also we make, uh, the, the full version of Studio One called Studio One Pro which, uh, if any of our customers that buy our hardware get a discount to the full version. And it has a lot of other benefits as well. So, the next component that I'm gonna talk about is called Virtual StudioLive. Virtual StudioLive is basically the control of my StudioLive mixer on my computer screen. So this shows you, essentially, in real time, all of the different components of the mixer, uh, It's bidrectional communication, so anything I do on the computer is reflected on the mixer and vice versa. It's really cool. We're gonna show you how that works. This is great for visual learners. You know, a lot of time, you know, somebody's trying to explain, uh, "Well what...what kind of EQ should I use on a you know, on a...on a kick drum? Uh, sometimes it's a lot easier to look something graphically and and see that and hear it. And that's where Virtual StudioLive is really cool. The next component of the StudioLive, uh, solution is called StudioLive Remote. And that is our new iPad App. And it is available free on the Apple App Store. If you own an iPad I would, uh, encourage you to go online, uh to the App Store and just download it. There's a, there's a demo of it so you can kinda play around with it and stuff and see how it works. But, uh, we're gonna show a little bit more about how the StudioLive Remote works in a second. It's very very cool. ♪♫♪♫.................[Music playing]

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Part 1 of a 6-part instructional webinar on the PreSonus StudioLive digital mixer. Join Jerry Lamb, Executive Vice President of Retail Sales and Rick Naqvi Vice President of PreSonus Audio and learn in-depth information on how to use StudioLive Digital Mixers to get great live and recorded sound. This webinar was designed to speak to both experienced sound techs and beginners. Learn how to properly do a sound check, audio mixing secrets for mixing both spoken and sung vocals and a wide range of instruments. If you are interested in getting the best sound in your church and for your worship team, this webinar will be very helpful to you.

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