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Pierre Hillard -- Putin is part of the globalist system

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About Putin - Now, about Putin... You are talking a lot about this subject... So you think that Putin is part of the globalist system ? - Well, I will give you an example: The City of London, - which is one of the center of the global mafia - has honorary citizens. Did you know that? George Bush - I don't know if it's the father or the son - is an honorary citizen of The City of London. Well... Vladimir Putin is one as well. For someone who opposes the system...well. Joking aside, it's an element, but... There is one thing first, the Soviet Union collapsed - officially it was in December 1991, well 1989/90/91 - so, how is it possible that this sytem - which lasted around seventy years, which collapsed at the turn of the 90´s - that the same people who were in power at the time in the Soviet Union, are the same ones we see after the fall of the Soviet Union? Imagine the "Nazi" Germany, which collapsed in 1945 and all the "Nazi" leaders, and all the Heydrich - no, not him, as he died in 1942 - but all the Göbbels and co. and we see them - maybe not the leaders, but the seconds and sub-seconds - in the other CDU, SPD, CSE parties etc. People would say: "Hey! What's going on here?!" But, let's be frank, there were some "Nazis" found in the US and in Germany... but really, the high rank "Nazis" were never to be found, except [Walter] Hallstein, first President of the EU Commission, who was a former "Nazi", let's not forget it. (The system recycles.) There has not been a Nuremberg [trials] for the Communism, therefore all the Apparatchiks of the Soviet Union's system were found in the other political labels in Yeltsin' Russia and up to now, with Putin. There is also the fact that, Putin launched in late 2011, the Supranational Eurasian Union, - he did say it, I saw it on RIA Novosti - "Supranational"! He would have said... (and I admit that I would have been a bit, even more than that, upside) in any case, if he had said "a creation of a union between States, retaining their sovereignty"... I would have say yes, that's good. But, here no, he says "Supranational"! Like the "European Union", where he says by the way, that the Eurasian Union, would be "a bridge between Europe and the Asia-Pacific", like he calls it. The fact remains that Putin will say some right things... But, still it's "Supranational". And then, you know, look at the people around him. The oligarchy that surrounds Putin, what is its origin?... Well, the same that can be found in The City of London or in Wall Street. Native to the banks of the Jordan. There is rivalry between these people. You know, the Jewish world is stuffed of rivalries, terrible rivalries and in fact it is the Russian Jewish faction that opposes the English Jewish faction, which itself is linked to the American Jewish faction in the distribution of the pie. That's the thing. It's a sharing of the pie and the case of Syria, where Putin objected... well, he objected because there is the Western faction, who wants to eat a piece of the pie and Putin wants to keep it among others, since the Russian military base in Tartus is in Syria. Look at the Olympics in Sochi, as I recall that the summer of 2013, the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar, had a heated discussion with Putin, for several hours, asking him to let go of Syria and in return he promised that the Olympic Games in Sochi would go well and that he was leading the Chechens. The two terrorist attacks that occurred in Volgograd... I think that Prince Bandar has something to do with it... It's rivalries. You know, I always remember Al Capone and the rivalries with alcohol, the Prohibition... You had groups who were sharing a market. They were beating each other. It's not because one was being beaten that he was the good guy and the one beating him the bad guy. It was a strong one who was beating a weaker one. It was a distribution of activities for the Prohibition. One wanted a bigger market, so he was beating the others. That was Prohibition, beating each other. There is no "nice guy" or "bad guy" eh. There is a strong one who is right. - How to explain the attraction that more and more Patriots have towards Putin and Russia? - Well, it's a natural reaction that is quite human which is that, in our fall, we have a survival instinct, which desperately seeks for a leader, a head of State, who impresses, who even gives the impression and more that that even, to want to change course. Of course whether François Hollande and Sarkozy before him, it's to despair. Or Chirac, let's not talk about it or even Mitterrand they are all apparatchiks of the system who have all sold the country. So it's a normal reaction. This is not because the appearance is good that the bottom is good as well. Never forget this. And people, unfortunately, always look at the appearance. Never forget one thing and that is the problem with dechristianized people, is that the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution is a Revolution of Satanic nature and Russia will really be able to stand up again once the mark of 1917 is destroyed as requested by the Holy Virgin Mary to Fatima in 1917, the consecration of Russia to her immaculate Heart. Which, is the antidote to clear the satanic mark. As Russia did not erase this mark, all the leaders Russia will have, will not be good. Same for France in 1789 with the Sacred Heart, it's the same story. It's like the confession for a person. It means to be in harmony with God. And for that one should confess. Even when one do and say the right things, as long as one didn't confess, he is not "friend" with God. Then, it's the same thing for the States. As long as there is no confession, no erasing of a mark, of a baptism - for it's a satanic baptism in 1917, like it was for France in 1789 - until it is erased by a consecration, which is the antidote, all the succeeded leaders can't be good. They can say the right things, they can do the right things, but the nature at the base is false. And that, this concept there, is completely ignored, misunderstood and ridiculed by 9/10 people who have their mind bleach by rationalism. I know that what I say is incomprehensible, except to a few who have kept a classic spirit, structured, old France, and I know that there are some Rabbis who understand me perfectly when I say this. But, they are not in the good camp, for me. Translated and captionned by didi18

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Posted by: didi18 on Nov 22, 2015

As long as Russia will not accept Mary's heart and accept to be consecrated in her immaculated Heart, Russia will remains in Satan's hands and all of its leaders will never be good.

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