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The Heart of the Matter Class #3 : Karen Berg weekly message insecurity vs egomaniac

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I think that the ego, you have to have a motivation. If that's a better word. Motivation to say things and do things that are for you and for the world in a balance. Meaning, that if a person sits with another person for dinner his thoughts should be, as how they can interconnect. How they can make worthwhile conversation with each other that is neither demeaning or becoming above another person. And if we can do this in our daily relationships then this is fine, this motivates us to become more than we are and that place there maybe, and if we say to destroy, I don't think you can destroy the ego, because even though it's semantics, for me the idea, what is ego to me? Is the idea I wake up in the morning to do something better. I wake up in the morning to help people. I wake up in the morning to be appreciative of the Creator and the created things that allow me to live my life. In that sense, then my ego is in a decent place. It's there because I know that I have something that I feel that I can offer to others. I feel that I've been given a blessing, in that I was allowed to share and I'm not alone. We all wake up with it when we wake up in the morning that's the blessing. And the question is, how do I visualise myself? Do I say, I know that I am a being, a messenger of whatever sort that I might be, a better contractor, a better carpenter, a better accountant, a better lawyer, a better doctor but I'm going to try and do those things better, not because I'm so great but because everyday I want to progress a little bit further to get closer to the part of me that can share. And in that sharing, I would not consider that a tremendous ego. If I got up in the morning and said I am the best thing since high button shoes and, you know, no body else can do what I do and and, you know, I'm just the top of the heap. Not a problem. That's an ego maniac. This is also negative. You know like when they talk about things like bulimia, anorexia or obesity. Guess what it's all the same. It's all a negative part of our thinking. Caused by our own insecurities. So either we balance between being, I'm not good enough, I'm not worth enough, people don't care enough about me to the point that I'm the best and I'm the greatest. Both of them, it's the same side of the coin. The place we need to be is neither on the side of being good enough because G-d is in me. Therefore I am good enough. The question is what do I do with it? How do I balance it? How do I make myself better? Because of my being. And if I understand life that way then all I can do is the best that I can and then the rest is up to whatever forces there are out there. And I think that's a very big difference. between insecurity and being an ego and I think when you get to the middle point, when you understand that you do whatever you can for the benefit of yourself and others and that you're not the smartest person in the world but you have wisdom and you have strength and you use it for the purpose of sharing and also of course receiving from that sharing in that balance we can find the best for our world. Thank you.

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