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UMA ENTREVISTA segunda parte

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What is your name? My name is Anna. In which department do you study here in Teatinos? I study in the department philosophy and humanities. What major do you study in particular? I study translation and interpretation. In this major we study various languagues and I chose english and german. Which year are you studying? I am in the second year of my major? Why did you choose this major? I chose this major because I can study various languages at once, it does not just concentrate on one, but I can pick various ones, like two or three and as i said before I chose english and german. In addition, we can also study the cultures of the countries of the languages we study. For example, I study the cultures of great britain and the united states. I study the cultures of germany, switzerland and other countries where they speak german. Would you like to study in a different country or do ERASMUS sometime in your career? Well.... yes I would like to, maybe my third or fourth year. I would like to go to a foreign country that speaks english. Maybe in the US or do erasmus in England. To practice english and immerse myself in the culture of the native people there. Thinking of the future, I know you talked about ERASMUS and going abroad what are your plans for the future, what would you like to do with your studies? In the future my objective is to be an interpreter of conferences. I would like to work in a conference, where someone is speaking a certain language maybe english. ...And i have to interpret the language. .....through a hearing a device, what the person in that conference is saying and interpret it into a determined language. From english I'd have to interpret it into spanish, german or another language. Also I'd like to be a translator, translating books, newspapers, magazines, maybe be a tour guide (tourism), I would also like it because I like traveling, meet new people and teach, ...the people (visitors) the story of that place. Would like to stay in Malaga, would you like to go to another country to work or do you plan on staying in Spain? I think I want to leave because, well I would also stay in Spain but.. ...i'd like to go abroad if have the opportunity. ...(I would do this) to develop myself there and practice the language. And to meet new people, from those countries... and also to live there to get to know the culture and practice the language. Very good. What things do you like about UMA? Well from UMA, there is a lot of diversity, there are a lot int'l students, they come here to study from other countries, ... such as Germany, USA, Italy, there is a lot of diversity, and activities to do also ..(activities) such as sports, theater, dance groups, lots of different activities to do, Also, I like that there are many people working at UMA, lots of personnel, ...that you can talk to if you have any concerns about whatever you want, you ask them about whatever. If you could, what would you change about UMA? Well... I would change the system in the way professors give class. There are some really good professors but some that are really bad,.. (bad professors) should dedicate there time in more hands on work (less lecture) ..and focus less on theory, studying so many themes, that are so long, and work more on group work and hands on work than theory. Ok. What would you tell an int'l student or an erasmus student or an exchange student that wants to study at UMA? I would tell them to come to UMA because, that there are many people from different countries they will get to know many students that are also foreign as they are, So they will not be lonely in this experience They have many different majors to choose from Also, they have many activities (to choose from), The university is located in Teatinos, ....which is a univerisity neighborhood with many students living there of the same age. ..that do similar activities and they can get to know many people. Well, thank you very much Anna! You're welcome.

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Entrevista con Ana Gallego

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