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2018 - Esperanza Edith GARCIA H264

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Hello. I'm Esperanza Edith García Montiel and I'm an Executive Director in Tupperware. When did you start your business with Tupperware? Four years ago. Great. And how-- Why did you start it? Because I was unemployed and I was offered the opportunity to start this business. All right. Did you have a goal at the time? No. - Where are you from? - Mexico. How long have you been in the United States? Fifteen years. And before Tupperware, how were things? What were you doing? How did you get to the United States? I came-- I was working for a Mexican company and I was really into sales. I really liked sales but I wasn't much into talking to people. I came here 15 years ago and I realized that it was not like they said, right? So I was working, I started businesses, five businesses. I lost those five businesses. Because-- I don't know, right? Because all of a sudden, you don't know how to run a business. And then when I lost my businesses, I was offered a job. My husband worked and I did telemarketing calls for him. He was doing fine but I received only $200 dollars a week, for doing his job, for 20 hours. For 20 hours, I did the job for him and I was paid 200 dollars a week and-- Then I was fired. When I got those 200 dollars, I cried because I thought I could do more. But when you are depressed-- Because when I lost the businesses I was depressed for three years. At home. I was pretty bad. Then I got that telemarketing job and they kicked me out. They kicked me out. I was offered the Tupperware opportunity and I said no. I can't because I thought I could't do it. It was difficult for me not having a location. A location and many things, right? I saw the box and I was kind of scared because I thought: "What do I do with this now? Where do I start? How do I do that?" And I started reading the book of the opportunity, and the person who recruited me told me: "Wake up that giant inside you". She could see a giant that was asleep inside me, that my giant had fallen asleep and she was always behind me telling me: "You can. You can. You can". Until she made me walk. Because she had me walking. I think this business grabbed me and taught me to walk through it. And here I am. Here I am. What difference do you see? Why do you like Tupperware so much? What was the difference between Tupperware and those other businesses that didn't work for you? The difference is my time is my own. I run my business. The days I can work I can do it from wherever I am. I have the time to do it wherever I am and give that chance, help people that was depressed like I was. That had that dream like me and had that giant asleep and now I'm very happy because I didn't think I could do it and help so many people that are at home thinking they can't and have that giant asleep inside them. I worked at a cell phone store and I worked for a law firm. I also worked in real estate. Yes, I have three kids. Tell us a little bit about your kids. I have two grown children. The oldest, now that they see me, I love the number one and I always thought I like Tupperware very much and I like the number one very much, so my kids started to awaken that dream and my oldest son holds a degree in business administration. He resumed his career. And my daughter Marlene is a language teacher. They fight for their dreams and think they can. That it's possible. And I see they strive to get the best mark and be the best at school. I have my baby. She's my companion, she's my manager and she's everything for me because she's the one that says: "Yes, no. This one, not this one. Let's cook and let's do--" She's my companion, the little one. She also has many awards at school and when she's at school almost always my husband is the one who goes because I'm very shy, I'm not a people's person and the teachers say to him: "I want to meet the mom. I want to meet Sheila's mom". Yes, yes, yes. When my kids started seeing that I started going out again, like I was, I started to be myself again, positive, happy, with my music, taking pictures, I love nature. They started to see that change in me and they also continued their life paths. My son had dropped out of school. And he resumed his career, he has a degree in business administration. My daughter Marlene, sorry-- My daughter Marlene is a language teacher. She speaks three languages and I have my little Sheila, that's my manager. My assistant, my motivation, my alarm clock. She's the one who says yes or no. She's the one who leads me, who directs me, who accompanies me and we're a team of three. I have three kids. And they strive to be the best at school. And get the best marks. She's 12. Yes, Sheila's 12 years old. 12 years old, but I think she's the Executive Director in Tupperware. [LAUGHTER] Tell me, how was it like at home before Tupperware? Honestly, it was a very dark time. It was a very dark time. It was a moment of great sadness. Loneliness. My husband took care of them and watched out for me. Because it was a very dark cycle, more than three years that I was like that. And-- I was pretty bad, but my husband took care of my kids. He never left me and he tried to get me back on my feet. I was about to take my own life three times. I don't know how but he and my kids knew how I was going to do it. And the minute I thought about it, one of them hugged me and said: "No, mom. I love you. Don't do it". It was a very tough moment, but when I learned about Tupperware, my life changed. I could see the colors in life. I could see many colors. First, I sought God before I looked out for Tupperware. God changed my life. He gave me another shot at life. And now, let's get the party going. Let's get the Tupperware party going. But I had a very difficult time, it was a process. And that's why I can now understand many women that are depressed at their homes, that have problems. And with Tupperware comes some sort of light. Some sort of light into their homes. What do I like? I like seeing so many successful women with that sleeping giant like me, depressed, I like giving them that beam of light. And say that it can be done. That there's one more chance. There are difficult times that help us to be better people. That help us to value life, that help us to value family, that help us to value what we have and I think that the difficult times I went through made me a better human, made me a better person. To be able to run this business. I think it was a process to be able to understand this business and understand so many women across the United States. I got enough rewards from Tupperware. It really all begins little by little. I remember my first check was for about $53 dollars. I said: "¡Wow!" But I've got this. And one day I was reading the books and I was seeing the better paid at Tupperware and I said: "¡Wow! I like to see my name here one day. Under the better paid at Tupperware". And I started dreaming and I and I covered my eyes, my mouth, my ears to follow my goal without listening or seeing anything that's bad for me, and focus on my team, my family. Focus on what I want, where I am going. And now that I've got the Cadillac, ¡wow! I love being among the best. I didn't even notice when I became an Executive. See my girls shining. Telling me: "Look, I won the car. I won the check, I have my trip" motivates me each day to work more with my team and look for more women that were like me. It's not difficult for me because I do everything playing. I do everything with a smile. That's how I like to work. And that's the reason why it's not difficult for me selling Tupperware. Because people know about it. If I ask them: "Since when do you know about Tupperware?", they say: "I remember my grandma and my mom. I mean, they bring the Pick-A-Deli Container since I don't know how many years. And I love it. I love working with Tupperware. My challenges get better every day, to be a better executive and keep leading my team. And that I go for more for everything that this company does for us. Yes, I love the parties. I really love the Tupperware parties. I need to have one or two parties at least to be happy, per week. [LAUGHTER] No, I continue with the parties. I cook more now. I think that's the difference. I really like the Power Chef System and the Microwave Pressure Cooker. - The Microwave Pressure Cooker? - Yes, I love it because I cook pico de gallo for them really quick with beans and chips and that's my demonstration. And with the beans the ladies always say: ¡wow! The thing is since I like throwing fun parties, since they like me, then they want to party with me. When I started with Tupperware, he told me that he never saw a woman with so many dreams. He'd seen ladies selling Tupperware. But I wanted to go for the check, for the car and for the trips. And he told me: "Please, Esperanza, look for a normal job". And I said: "No, no, no". I love the stories that inspire in each catalog, in each brochure. The YouTube videos. I saw all those women and I thought: "Why can't that be me? Why not me? I can do it too". And on my videos I always say: "If I can, you can". Because all those women, the stories inspired me to see so many successful women in that business and I believed in myself. I believed I could do it. And part of that is my husband that at first was the greatest obstacle I had. But now he's my best friend and I told him: I'm getting you out so that you work with me. And he told me: "Well, yeah". And now we did it. We're working together. He supports me because he always takes me wherever I want to go and loads what we need to take. So we're doing a team effort. Now he's my best partner. He does the demonstrations He loves them too. We both do it. Now, he does the demonstration and I take the pictures. [LAUGHTER] After I started with Tupperware, my dream was to have a house. I always lived in California, but I didn't want to be there anymore because going to central California, going to Los Angeles, four hours driving. I said: "No, I want to go somewhere else. I don't know where". But one day Alex saw a house with green grass and told me: "Look at this house, Edith". I said: "Where is it?". And he told me: "In Kansas". And I told Sheila: "¡Wow, Sheila! Buy three plane tickets". And she says: "Mom, it's 79 dollars each round-trip ticket". I said: "¡Wow! Alex, buy a car. Rent a car and a hotel room because we're going to buy a house in Kansas". But when we arrived, the house wasn't what it looked it on the Internet. And within a week we found a house I liked and we bought our house here in Wichita, Kansas. Yes, the three of us came, found the house and now I'm really happy at that house. Since November. It's been months. It's been seven months. - And you don't regret it? - No, the only thing I miss about California are my friends and my team. Yes, because they became part of my family, they're my friends, they're my team. I barely had the chance to say hi again. I really love Tupperware. Yes, I go to California so we can see each other. And on Facebook. We keep working, same as ever. They have their teams. And we continue to work as usual. They keep having their meetings. They keep scheduling their parties, the way we used to work but without me. But we still keep in touch. Regularly, over the phone, over text. We're still in touch.

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2018 - Esperanza Edith GARCIA H264

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