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Ok so the way that I would handle the requirements if ΒΆ for this class since I would have a visually impaired student is that everyone else would follow the assignment requires as needed but that student that is visually impaired I will make sure that I that you know I only have black font and size that is best for the student for them to be able to do their assignments and see them I would also have to make a few adjustments on the information being shared for example on the videos and readings to make sure that that student is able to view and read the information and gain all the information that they can by having a visually impaired student it may impact my course work a little bit because I would have to review the information that I will be giving to that class for that semester and make sure that the information being given is right for the visually impaired student for them to be able to see it i would have to make sure that the font is perfect you know black and on white paper or off white paper I would make sure that the video is being shown are videos that they will be able to actually see and that will actually help them through this coursework also another thing is for the is for the visual not for the visually impaired but now moving on to the hearing impairment student after looking through some free software's that offered you to use subtitles on your videos the software that i decided to use is called subtitle horse and the reason why I would choose this software is because it is the easiest software to use you do not have to open an account you do not have to sign up or upgrade to anything else like i have seen in most software's it is really easy to use and that is one of the reasons why I decided to use this as as well as this picture it is easy to view for those that are visually impaired because it is on white paper and it is black font and it is big enough hopefully for them to see

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Posted by: pmendoza03 on Oct 9, 2018

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