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Customize a Chart

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Let's look at how you can customize visualizations using the Power BI Desktop. With a chart selected, just come over to the visualizations pane and click this format option. You can see here a whole bunch of different choices that you have to customize the look and feel of the visualization. So I can control things like whether the X axis shows or not. I might turn the title on, and now I can see that we're looking at products across the bottom here. On my Y axis, I can control things like the start and end point, so if I want it to run from a different value or up to a different value, I can control that here. Again, I can turn the title on and off, so I can see this as units sold on here. I can control the data colors. We're using this teal by default, but if I want to change everything, I can choose this coral color, or even do it one by one. So maybe my paseo product is yellow, and my velo is light blue, so I want to control those as well. I can turn data labels on and off. And this shows me the exact value for each of these bars. I can even make it a little bit more precise in that we see it by thousands, and change the precision for these as well. I can customize the title— changing the text, changing the colors, etc., and the alignment. Finally, I can change the background color. If I wanted to give it a different color, I can do that. In all of the formatting options that you set here, will all still apply when you upload this report to the Power BI service, and even when you pin them into your dashboard. And that's how easy it is to customize visualizations using the Power BI desktop. Thanks very much!

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Learn how to customize your chart in Power BI using the visualization pane. Change your axis format, chart colors and background, title, and more. These features are available in the Power BI Desktop and in the web.

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