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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening theme music ♪] Hello and good décimotercer de Mayo. I'm Joanne and this is Rocketboom. Well, the United States has gone and declared war on Mexico today in 1846. It resulted in the loss of about 50% of Mexico's territory. Including what's now Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. U.S. General Ulysses Grant said, "We had no claim on Mexico. . . Texas had no claim beyond the Nueces River, and yet we pushed on to the Rio Grande and crossed it. I am always ashamed of my country when I think of that invasion." Right or wrong, the Mexican interim government signed on the dotted line and took the $15 million cash to stop the war. Maybe they should take it back. Viva la Revolución! Or could just share instead. And happy birthday to Steven Colbert! Born on this day in 1964, Colbert is perhaps most notable for launching formal bid to become President of the United States in 2008. While his efforts were hurt by the legalities surrounding his potential nomination, it was likely the writer's strike that left him unable to speak. A new legislation has been introduced in the U.S. which will help keep the Internet free. Yay! Two main points are: Guaranteeing that Internet providers ensure every account gets the same ability to connect to anywhere on the Internet they would like, -- i.e. not expecting people to pay more to get to certain kinds of websites -- and to make sure that they don't parse up data into text images and video, etc. so that it doesn't cost more to move certain kinds of data. i.e. a gig of text and a gig of video should cost the same amount. The video should not cost more because it's video. I'm still content with my shortwave radio. [Sounds of radio waves and announcers] Beautiful blue skies from. . . [Woman on radio speaking in French] Anyway, it's all about waves in the wind really. Sailbots is hoping to grab the title for first boat to sail the Atlantic without any humans on board, and only by wind. The boat is about as big as big boats could be. It's not to big, and can be bought for about $5,000. If you build it by yourself at best. This next item really doesn't need any introduction. It's about the emergency party button. [♪ "What Is Love" by Haddaway playing ♪] THE EMERGENCY PARTY BUTTON HAS JUST BEEN ACTIVATED [♪ "What Is Love" by Haddaway playing ♪] You know, that button gets its inspiration from the dorm rooms of yesteryear. [Sigh] Memories. [♪ Sound of clicking and techno music playing ♪] Who's that hiding in your news open? [News narrator] Right now on Fox 5 News at 10. Back we are now with a Fox 5 News exclusive <<A message. . . Who was that? [Sound of soft drum tapping] Oh, it's Presidential Candidate John McCain Looks like Fox is in on the action well ahead of schedule. In Texas, what seems like an unfortunate weather storm hovering over Jenna Bush's wedding, was pointed out by Wonkette ( to be a sign from God. I'm not so sure about that conclusion, but it does seem fair to suggest that there at least is a tad bit of irony there. Terrafugia hopes to release a drivable airplane next year. [♪ Soft jazzy music playing ♪] Looking good! Hard to imagine by next year we'll be ready. While also. . . [♪ Piano playing ♪] And also. . . [♪ Piano playing and party blower sounds ♪] And also. . . [♪ Piano playing and sounds of radio waves ♪] And no more alsos. [Sounds of a crowd cheering and whistling]

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Posted by: rocketboom on May 14, 2008

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