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The selective murder of a prominent person or political figure by surprise attack is commonly referred to as an Assassination. The term pops up for the first time in Shakespeare's Macbeth. But the origin of the word goes further back - to the Arab order of the Assassins. a muslim religious sect infamously known and feared throughout the middle ages for their astute and devious killing skills. The Assassins lived and trained in Alamut Fortress, a stronghold in the mountains of Persia. Their leader was a muslim missionary named Hassan-I-Sabbah. Hassan knew the Qu’ran by heart and was an expert not only in religious philosophy, but also in mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, medicine and architecture. More than that: he was a brilliant warlord. Assassins had to study the art of combat, while being indoctrinated with religious fervor. They can be seen as a medieval version of contemporary jihadists. The claim that the word Assassin derives from the arab term Hashishim, which means “users of hashish” has recently proven to be untrue. Their weapon of choice was the dagger, which sometimes they would drench in poison. Assassins were known to infiltrate their opponent’s courts and societies, learning their victim’s cultural customs before executing them in public — a method that further demoralized the victims affiliates. The downside of this form of psychological warfare was that most successful assassinations resulted in the death of the assassins themselves. In order to ensure the assassin’s loyalty even when embarking on missions that resulted in certain death Hassan allegedly used an unconventional, yet brilliant scheme: Recruits were drugged unknowingly and were brought to a lush garden with gorgeous women and beautiful plants where they were to indulge in all the pleasures a man can think of. They were then told that this would be the paradise they would return to after death — but only if they were to serve the cause of the Assassins.

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