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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~11:32:40 - 11:48:47

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Dreads cap is cool man. Brother, Have you ever tried? I'll only wear those two man, I'm not much into caps. I'm not gonna wear a cap for long. I'm gonna wear those two man. The black or the green. The black one is too shallow for me man. Didn't you see it on me that day? You didn't like it? No, I haven't taken a good look at it. No, it's cool. The dude asked the cap, he went crazy for 30 bucks. He said: "Man, give me the cap." He wanted to pay 30 bucks for that. What dude? A guy that works with me. Did you see me with that green? Green with a white stripe, Did you see me wearing it? The green one is awesome. Really good. The Johnny Walker one Erimar is wearing is nice too. That is a nice one. It's great. It's Artful, take a look at the guy skating. Some trademark has copied it, a big trademark. Really? Thery copied Johnny Walker Keep Walking, the guy rowing Skating. Let me tell you, there's nothing, no tag Yeah, it's only here that represents artful, look, this guy skating here The new one has an ant on its tag, that one has a tag? No The tag makes it expensive, you know? It's what makes it most expensive. This cap is nice man. Great So, 30 bucks. I got to make 65 bucks. For whom? No, I sold 2 T-Shirts How much are they costing? I didn't sell a cap to Alemão, did I? I sold him 2 T-Shirts Yeah, I sold How much for the T-Shirt? I sold it for 15 each. I needed the money for the weekend. Those 10 bucks I had I got from the T-Shirt. He payed one T-Shirt, next day 30 I'll get the rest. And if I sell this cap This black cap which is there Then it makes 65 bucks. And if I sell that short the guy is gonna give me 80 bucks. Selling the short. That short costs 80 bucks. The short and the cap? The short, the cap and the T-Shirt Yeah Mariano You took out his ball Are you gonna strike 10, Erimar? It won't work. Look. Out bad luck. Mariano says he's still alive What! Ah, 12 still belongs to Erimar Yeah Mariano, the game is good I think you should play on that role, put some effect Game just went crazy, Mariano Still got lucky. Look man! Turn around But if you played there you'd make it right It's over for you, Mariano Wow! Bad day, Mariano. How long is it that you don't play Mariano? It's been ... Since that day when I beat all you. The dudes tried hard to beat me, but they didn't one game. Not him, not Raul, not Vagner. And Erimar beat him Erimar and I down at Extra beat him and Vagner Vagner complained that Erimar was playing alone. No way man He kept complaining. Then I asked to play with him. And I won. And played with Mariano and won too. So I said: What now? And Raul came talking, we played and I won too. That day I was good man Snooker powers were on me Take a look and learn Erimar Look No it's not like that, let me show you Learn, Erimar Which one is this? 5? Yes Spread the game That's right You wanna finish it now? You lose 15 is on target. It's gonna divert for me 14 will divert for me Damn it! Hey Dani, let me drink a little bit No man, too slow And I would let that ball for you? Straight shots I don't make it, 14 was harder and I made it I like the difficult ones I didn't think it through now "Hell!" "You're laughing." I'm learning again, it's been a while I don't play Look, another bad player! Who's next? All right Massão? You're here Too strong Little effect Stop! He called me Called? What time Did you meet him? About 7 He called me later Where's the little cue? There's none man. Here's bad man, It spoils the player. Look I'm playing too strong. It was not worth it man. Take out the 3 please. I wnated it to fall here. Now we're even, if you make this one Even, right? Who? She's pregnant. Who's the father? Who's the father, man? Her husband. The big head? ♪ "Respect is for those who have respect." You want some? Strong, I played too strong. It didn't work out. It was not that good, but... Take it easy Now the game is good, isn't it? It's all spread out, isn't it Erimar? You're gonna lose your money, Massão. What money man? You lose you pay. We're all brothers here. You'll drop the bottle! Play on the table Jão. Yeah! I wanted to keep him away from this ball here. Darn, Mariano! The boy is with a finger full of catupiry man. A finger full of catupiry, you should... I'll put this ball away from here. Too bad. At least I defended a little bit. The cops were on the camp there man. So? Well... I'm too bad at this. What, What's up Rael? They were on the hill. Looking at the alleys. So? What? You went there? What ball is that? Is it one of mine? A little bit stronger and it would have fallen. No, they said he was like that. Fernando said he was like that, the cops shot. He turned and they shot where he was. LIke, He was here, and when he turned they shot. It's God man. Nice move. Oh man. I wanted it to go over here. That's the end. The end? I want to see how he'll finish that one later. It's the end. How is he gonna play there now? Oh man!

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Duration: 16 minutes and 8 seconds
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 12, 2008

Playing billiards.

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