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Think Positive! Think Positive! Think Positive!

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Welcome to my room! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! How are you doing Today? Me I'm doing alright, hope everybody is having a good weekend. What I want to talk to you about today; is thinking positive! That's what I want to talk about with you today. Thinking Positive! That's Wack! Try to stay positive! Try to have. . . . . Try to have a positive attitude. You mean like this! That's Wack! At all cost Cause when you are positive, you are releasing a positive energy . . . . and when you release a positive energy, you're gonna get back positive things You know, instead of seeing the glass half empty. . . You see it half full. What if the glass is empty? What if the glass has ice in it? That's Wack! Look at. . . . You gotta look at things from a different view point and it will chang your attitude and it will change your life! I know cause. . . cause it changed my life I used to be real negative too! All the time. . . and then. . . I don't know I like. . . . . My girl she like, Why you so negative all the time? I don't know like. . . My roomate told me a while back He said,"I'm negative all the time cause. . . He said he was negative all the time cause. . . If something didn't turn out the way he didn't want it to turn out. . . Then he wouldn't get hurt. So he just thought.. . . that the situation would turn out bad regardless. that way if it didn't go his way. . . . You know. . He didn't expect it to go his way to begin with, so With that being said, that's not. That's not a good way of thinking about things. That's not a good way of going about your life. To me, it ruins your life. because it brings negative things around you. you are attracting negative things! You are attracting bad luck. You are bring bad luck to you! And when you think positive, You are bringing good things to you. You bring blessings to you. Yeah can it bring me a million dollars? That's Wack! You know, it's all in your mind It's all how you think. If you think negative, you will attract negative. Negative people. . . . negative thoughts. . It's bad for you. You need to think more positive think positive thoughts! So you can attract that positive energy. . . To you and in your life Positive, be positive! Be Positive! Stop saying the word positive! Ahhhhhhhhh! Negativity is the enemy! Negativity is the enemy! No the Taliban is the enemy! So be positive everyday you wake up and. . . . Enjoy your week! I will see you back next time Alright I'm out! Jayrahk Peace! Stop saying the word positive! Ahhhhhhhhh!

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Posted by: jayrahktv on May 28, 2012

The power of positive thinking!

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