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Swami Chinmayananda Explains Vasanas Through BMI chart_Segment_0_WMV V9

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So the body, with the sense organs the mind which is emotions, instincts and impulses and the intellect with its rational thinking capacity now the body, the mind and the intellect are made up of matter calcium, carbon, phosphorous Grosser matter is the gross body. Subtler matter is the mind and intellect. Matter is, whether gross or subtle is inert and insentient You and I are dynamic and conscious. Where does it get it? The parts of the car are all inert matter and it moves what makes the car move? what makes the bulb glow? there must be something other than the bulb expressing through the bulb In the same way... What is it that is enlivening me? and a time comes when... I have no capacities. My efficiency is gone, my beauty of emotions are gone, my brilliancy of intellect gone- even Einstein stops all thinking. The body is there lying down but he has no faculties, abilities, capacities Why? Life is no more expressing through it. Carefully! Thus my friends, there must be something other than matter. the BMI to enliven the BMI That is why in your bible it is said that god is in the heart of all enlivening everything vitalising everything lending their faculties to them by his grace just as the power has got light with the grace of electricity the heater has got heat with the grace of electricity you and I are today thundering as we are due to the grace of something other than matter Since it is something other than matter it is called the spirit If this spiritual centre or the spark of existence or consciousness which is one in everyone just as electricity is one but the bulbs are different the radios are different the computers are different the equipments are different but the electricity is one cars are different Japanese cars or American cars or European cars... but petrol the gas is one and the same love is one plant animal and human enlivens everyone according to the equipments available and that one reality is indicated by the sound symbol 'OM' so the consciousness or 'OM' when expressing through the sense organs the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin of your body there crystallises a sense of conscious individuality I the perceiver perceiving with the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin. What? The sense objects I am seeing... I am hearing... I am smelling... I am tasting How do you see? How do you see- So simple with the eyes I see. Eyes cannot see If eyes could see by itself Everyone of us would have got only one eye because we would have kept one eye in the office to have an eye on the office and very many of you... not in the office but you keep it at home to have an eye upon my people also eyes if I remove and keep it on the table the eyes cannot see the eye balls yes and today in the modern world it is not very difficult for you to understand as in good old days because we are doing transplant so I die... but my eyes are young and they can take my eyes and give it to a born blind man he starts seeing through my dead eyes so it is not the eyes that are seeing it is the consciousness behind the eyes become conscious of what the eyes are seeing and then I say... I see I hear I smell I taste but all of them are me I am conscious of what I am seeing I am conscious of what I am hearing I am conscious of the taste I am conscious of the smell the consciousness behind enlivens and not knowing... I become Mr Perceiver the see-er the hearer the smeller the taster the toucher Similarly, consciousness functions through the mind becomes the conscious psychological me the feeler I feeling with the mind various emotions love, hatred, jealousy, greed, passion endless varieties the same consciousness functions through the intellect expresses as the conscious thinker I and the thinker I with my intellect, thinks the world of thoughts thus the world of objects the field of emotions and the realms of thought are the fields from which I gather my experiences with the sense organs of my body, the mind and the intellect So BMI are the equipments of my experiences OET represents the fields of my experiences and I the experiencer the individualised conscious ego is PFT it is not that I am seeing with my eyes then you become a perceiver but the moment you understand that I am seeing through my eyes you become independent Is it not? through standing in your drawing room you are seeing the moon rise now the question is... who is seeing the moon rise? simple Swamiji! the window is seeing the moon rise Why? If there is no window will you see the moon? so the window is seeing the moon rise or are you seeing the moon through the window? so are you not you,who is in you,who is using these equipments to experience the outer world? thus, I the consciousness in the eyes become the see-er in the ears become the hearer in the nose the smeller in the tongue the taster in the skin the toucher in the mind the feeler in the intellect the thinker Alas, in an unholy combination you have forgotten who you are and an unholy combination identified with the body mind intellect you say that I am the perceiver, the feeler, the thinker and it is this PFT who wants private interview for the sorrows of his life think!

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Swami Chinmayananda Explains Vasanas Through BMI chart_Segment_0_WMV V9

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