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babushka i vnuk

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Grandma, iron my t-shirt, i'm going to Serega's birthday party Serega?? Birthday? Iron it! are there going to be girls? of course put on shirt then grandma, no, t-shirt! of course, t-shirt, and then shirt grandma! put it on! what kind of shirt is that... girls will say, what beautiful boy! like a loser! very well, now put a tie! what!!! yes, tie! gramdma! quit it! are you going to a party or where?? i'm going to take it off later! don't dare! i am going! don't dare yes i will i will later like a loser such beautiful boy! what are you doing??? why are you taking them off! i'll put jeans on! first pants then jeans grandmo! what grandma! nothing your Serega who knows where he lives, when you going to reach him, you're going to freeze your…. hm will pee a lot later grandma! what? hm your grandpa always wore two pairs of pants! they buried him in two pairs of trousers too grandma! they are not even going to fit! why are you putting your jeans? What? Are you going to birthday party or to load potatoes? You'll put on trousers! What trousers? Good ones, ironed ones! Trousers! Your grandpa wore them during WWII. What is this?I It's great fabric! One can wear them forever! No! Ridiculous! Put it on! Grandma! Look, how beautiful! What's wrong with you? Look how great, see? Here you go! Put it on Here you go! Shut the door! The rooster will come out! Look how wonderful! look! It's too bad they are too short! They don't even cover your back! Why would i need my rooster wearing this! It will be too hot in two trousers! If it's too hot, you can take one pair off. where am i going to put them? into your hat! in order not to lose them! What hat are you talking about? Here is a new hat, made from rabbit! Only rabbit wore it before I'm not gonna go anywhere like this! I'm going to call your mom! I'm myself going to call her! your mom! Crazy… i wish you would live with your jew.. Mom! God... Ma, she went out of her mind... Tell her! I look like some idiot… Where is the one for right foot? here, talk to her! doesn't matter Hi Natasha, how are you? Did you finish soup? Do you drink kambucha? Drink it, yes, it's tasty What???? I raised you healthy, and will raise him healthy, yes! give me your left foot! what's this? winter boots? why winter boots? I have tennis shoes! Who wears tennis shoes with trousers?? aha, and with winter boots i'm soooo stylish.. winter boots are good with everything! I'm going to put your trousers above, so that snow doesn't get in I'm not going to go anywhere like this! That's excellent! Don't go! You'll stay home, we'll cure you from cold! I'll knit, then we'll go to bed early.. everybody laughs at me that i live with my granny! everybody laughed at your grandpa too until he was 65 and then nobody could laugh anymore… he was walking around the cemetery by himself and laugh on his own.. What's that? Take it off immediately! It's pure silk! What silk! Grandma knitted you an excellent scarf! this is excellent silk! that silk might cure you from cold afterwards and it will give you an apartment too! where is my jacket? no, not good yet are you out of your mind? It will be great! What jacket? Are you crazy! It's freezing outside! Look how wonderful! are you feeling okay? You are sooo beautiful! You reminded me of your grandpa! They meet you by clothes, and say goodbye by intellect! Right, only i'm afraid, it won't get to intellect with this clothes what kind of birthday present do you have? we decided to chip in and give 500 each Are you mad? Such big money! One can buy two pairs of winter boots! Let them do it, and you will give a book! What book? Good book! Valery Kokliushkin "How to become the soul of one's friends' circle" We have a lot of them. Your grandpa was given a few Oh, Vitalka! I can tell that your grandma is here! Are you ready? Yes, I have the same one! Okay, we are leaving God with you! Girls, watch out! Here are the alpha males going hunting!

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