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Alina - Romania for translation

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-I want you to tell me your name, the NGO's name, and your role within the organization. -Hello. My name is Alina Ungureanu, I am the president of the Association for Development and Social Inclusion (ADIS) from Romania. -What is the purpose of your organization? -We are aiming the defending of the human rights, especially the Roma minority, by developing concrete measures, which should help to increase both the living standard, but also the social inclusion level of this minority within in the Romanian society. -Tell me, why do you consider the rights of the Roma to be important? -The human rights and the fundamental freedoms are particularly important! The rights of the Roma minority are important because over time there were found a series of violations of these rights, ...even if there is a specific legislation, able to protect the rights of national minorities. -Tell me what are the specific objectives of the Open Society Foundation's grant? -Together with the Open Society Foundation, we began working since 2010, when we tried through continuing professional training courses, to prevent and combat the discriminatory attitudes in the health care system. After a while I realized that that three-day course is insufficient for changing stereotypes, but that a systemic approach, in an institutional environment, could bring positive effects. ... which is why we developed and created a university course about combating negative attitudes and mentalities ... ... towards the Roma minority, which then I introduced in five universities and medical faculties in Romania. -Tell me about the results you have obtained by implementing the OSF grant; ... what specifically have you achieved? -Besides that for the first time in an institutionalized system framework, an NGO created manual was taken, which includes ethical, non-discrimination, and culture and traditions of a national minority from Romania issues, and five prestigious universities have accepted this challenge, to introduce this course, we have over 600 students who have graduated this course to date, over ten workshops, conferences, trainings along with the course holders professors, with the students who want to deepen the concepts, and along with ... ... the staff within the national health institutions, also a very important result for our work is that from this academic year, the course is taken by the compulsory curricula of a medical faculty, namely the "Victor Papilian" Faculty of Medicine, from Sibiu, and the course, that became mandatory in the educational unit, will be taught to all students, for a minimum of six years, as the University has contractually assumed.

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Alina - Romania for translation

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