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When it comes to vaccines, the real issue is that you have a choice. Either you trust your immune system, which has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, which was developped by nature... You can say "by God" or "by Allah", as you wish, I don't want to get into the subject of religion. I personnally prefer to refer to nature, because I like being rational and talk about things you can actually touch. Nature gave us an immune system which has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years. You may choose to trust something that has proven itself for hundreds of thousands of years, because we are still here to talk about it, and because we populate the earth. And that was true way before vaccines. Or you may choose to trust private corporations who have to make profits for their shareholders. When you are in charge of a company and have shareholders, you have the legal obligation to always put the interests of your shareholders before anything else. So, either you trust people who only care about money, and who are only humans, or you trust nature, which has always made the right choices for the past hundreds of thousands of years in order to give us the wonderful immune system that we are born with. The choice is yours. Some people nowadays have blind faith in modern science, in computers and in everything else, and they choose to trust these private corporations. Not me ! No thanks ! I choose to trust my natural immune system, the one that was given to me after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. They, on the other hand, have only been in this business for 40 or 50 years, this crazy vaccination madness. Not me ! No thanks ! And not my kids ! Never. Don't you ever come close to my kids with your needles. I would like to share a great historical example with you. En 1905, the smallpox death rate in Philippines was 10 %. After mass vaccination, there was an outbreak that killed 25 % of the population. Who was duly vaccinated. Despite this failure, authorities increased vaccination programs. En 1918, the worst epidemic killed 54 % of people, while the vaccination rate was 95 %. Manila, the capital, where all the population was vaccinated, was the most affected. 65.3 % of the population died. Mindanao Island, where the natives had refused vaccination, was the least affected : 11.4 % death rate. I believe these figures speak for themselves. Despite this evidence, smallpox vaccination continued, et the WHO launched in 1966 a world campaign that lasted ten years. It was finally abandonned due to its ineffectiveness. If some of you haven't seen the documentary "A shot in the dark" yet, you should go see it, it's very good. It was done by the National Film Board of Canada. It was filmed in Quebec, France and the United States, also, I think, yes, definitely. It's a must see. You can find it for free on Google. Type "A shot in the dark" and you should find it. It can also be found on Youtube. A 60-minute documentary. This is undeniable. When you vaccinate someone, there can be short-term consequences. The person can get sick the following day. In such a case, it is easy to link the vaccine and the consequence. But there can also be long-term consequences. In that case, it is a lot harder to link the consequence to the vaccine. Because of that, pharmaceutical companies want a vaccine that has long-term consequences so they can't be held accountable. We all need to realize that it's not the parents, the children, the patients, the doctors nor the government that control our health. It is the corporations hidden behind the revered and respected holy WHO. Everyone knows about the mercury in the vaccines, which is closely related to the increase of autism everywhere in the world. This was proven three times in court since 2007. Some pharmaceutical companies had to pay huge amounts of money to some families. It's there. Those of you who don't know about this, do some research, it's important if you want to understand this issue. Where does this madness come from? Why do governments of all the world destroy the health of their people, in industralized as well as third-world countries, and why do they kill them? It is hard to presume what are people's intentions. But there is someone, somewhere, who certainly profits from maintaining and promoting vaccination through mass campaigns, like it is the case. One thing is for sure, it is not in our interest. Since we don't know who profits from this and how, we are simply going to look at the consequences of mass vaccination programs. Then, we can all draw our own conclusions. First : vaccination costs a lot of money. Five billion dollars a year. Billions. In 2002, it was only one billion. This means that in eight years, it got five times bigger. It's a pretty big business, now. Let's face the truth. The industry profits from this, especially the multinational corporations selling vaccines and pharmaceuticals. One sells vaccines and the other one sells all the medication needed to respond to the multiple complications resulting from them. More profits for them, more expenses for us. Until we get so poor that we start accepting the unacceptable, like socialized health care in USA, for example. This is coming to Canada. Second : vaccination attacks the immune system, the body's defense. Repeated, vaccination exhausts the immune system. It gives a deceptive security, since it opens the door to all diseases, particularly to AIDS, which can only develop on a weakened immune terrain. It opens the door to silent AIDS. It garanties a disease market constantly growing. It is profitable to someone, as we can see. Vaccination generates social violence and crime. How come? What better way to destabilize a country, to disarm its citizens and to increase police and military control? Governments subtly create situations of panic and fear in the population, who then demands increasing "protection measures", such as the abolition of the citizens' right to bear arms. The authorities then rush up to our rescue and tighten their control. To impose a world army, they have to disarm citizens of all countries. It is thus necessary to create violence in order to convince citizens to abandon their weapons, especially in the United States, where that right is garanteed by the constitution. Four : Vaccination promotes medical dependence. It strengthens the belief that our immune system is not effective. It creates State dependency. It replaces self-confidence with blind faith in the outside world. It makes you financially dependent and promotes loss of personal dignity. It takes us into a vicious circle of disease : fear, poverty, submission. It makes it easier to submit the herd, to dominate it, to exploit it and to lead it to the slaughterhouse. These words might seem a bit harsh, but I believe it fits perfectly the current situation. Have you seen the H1N1 vaccination campaign ? We were almost forced to go. Vaccination also promotes moral and financial dependency of third-world countries towards western countries. This means the vaccines, the medical equipment, etc. Vaccination maintains social and financial control of western countries over third-world countries. Five : vaccination hides real social and political problems. Poverty of some due to exploitation by others. They offer pseudo scientifc solutions that are so complicated and sophisticated that patients cannot understand them. They misappropriate the funds planned for the improvement of life conditions by placing them in multinational banks. Vaccination increases the gap between the rich and the poor. It never stops, it is always the same objective. Six : vaccination decimates populations, dramatically in third-world countries, chronically in industrialized countries. Let's quote Robert McNamara, former president of the World Bank, and also former US secretary, during the Vietnam war. He was working with John F. Kennedy. He was with Ford before that. He was the first who wasn't part of the Ford family to be nominated in the Ford company administration. He does not mince words when he says: "One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction "against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate "has proved to be impossible or insufficient. "One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? "By natural means. Famine and sickness" I found this in "J'ai tout compris" number two, february 1987, Machiavel Publishing. Vaccination allows to select the populations to decimate. It allows targeted genocides, by killing the people of a certain race, a certain group or a certain region, and to leave the others unharmed. all in the name of the common health and well-being, of course. ...

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What you should know about vaccination before you say YES or NO.
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