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Knight and Day (2010)

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I want to talk about this guy. He was like some sort of secret agent or something. No-no-no-no-no - okay. Hi.June. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough, but we're going to have to stick together. Sorry, who are you? This is the guy. This is the guy. I'm the guy. That's the guy. I'm the guy. Please, for you own safety, please stay in the booth. What are you talking about? [she screams in surprise] Everybody get down. No one follows us or I kill myself and then her. [exclaims something unclear] Shot you through and through, no bone, nowhere near the femoral artery. It's all good. You'll probably get a promotion. Good? Some people are going to come looking for you now. Why? Ms Havens, will you join us inside the car for a moment? They will tell you I'm mentally unstable, and violent, and dangerous, and it will all sound very convincing. I'm already convinced. (unseen man) Until a week ago, Miller was one of the most trusted covert agents in the world. What happened a week ago? A full blown break with reality. Why didn't he kill you Because he liked me. [she shrieks, he groans] Hey June! That's a beautiful dress. One second. Just so you understand, out there on your own, your life expectancy is like here. You with me. Without me. With Me. Without me. [tires squealing, shooting] (woman, foreign accent) Who's your companion? She seems capable. (woman) He's been playing you. He's a spy. That's what he does. I'm sorry. It's reflex. I don't know exactly what to believe. June - I think I'd get down now. (male voice) Turn yourself in. That's the safest option for the people you seem to care so much about. Train-train-train - Ohhhh! Max. Bulls? On three, ready? One, [short screams] Sorry, I panicked. What number would you like? Three, yea, let's just stick with three, it's good. Okay. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 3, 2010

Captioned Trailer 2 for Knight and Day

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