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Hello! Fine and you? Yes Me, I didn't like it because I think that now is... a very typical story, so... I don't know It's a very basic movie — I think The only thing that changes is the fact that she is lesbian but now I think that the fact to be lesbian or gay is very normalized now, so... Yes... I totally agree I — No... I don't believe in that. I think that — in life, you will find different people that can complement you differently. But, I don't think that we have just one person that complement us I think that every person can complement us, but in a different way Yes Friends also can complement us, It is not only one lover that will change your live I think that... I think that is this type of movies that — make us think that we need someone to live, and — you can be alone and very happy. I don't understand why we need someone. And they idealize these relationships, like they're not realistic. There's always an happy ending... No Yes And yours? Yes... Me, I think that starting university life is — go to supermarket and watch the prizes, because when you go with your parents, you don't see it. And now you see which is... And in parents' home, you have all the lights on — and when you're at your home, you have all the lights off. Totally Yes! They want to... Totally I think that this type of movies also want to "americanize", to put in Europe american life, and it's not... no. No! Yes, totally! The type of movie you put at 1 a.m to get asleep. Totally Yes... I liked it. Yes, bye Xavi! Merry christmas!

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Posted by: agoncalvesc0 on Dec 20, 2020

w/ Joan Vericat, Naiara Vives and me (Anna Gonçalves)

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