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CV 2 Invite

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Right now I have Ana Gallo from the Monterrey site. She is part of the Back2Back staff. Ana is going to explain to us a cultural value of Back2Back. What is it like to invite others? Ana, how do you feel about inviting others? Well, I think inviting others is: Include someone in a conversation or situation, keeping in mind your opinion, your presence and even your help. Also to invite others reminds me of the story of Nehemiah - that we always share with volunteers. He was a man sent by a king, and he knew he needed help to build a wall. I believe that the work that we have, it is a very great work and if we invite others, they can support and also contribute to the work we have and this is great. Yes, I think that sometimes I learned or I learn to do things in a certain way, like it is one, two, three. And if one includes one person, just one person. And so that's what I feel is difficult for me, how to maintain the big picture of what we're going to achieve. And if I keep the big picture it is very easy for me to say: any presence, any help any opinion can help me to achieve that. You have an example where you can explain an example, how specifically you invited someone, or how you opened the circle to talk, or something very specific? Yes, I believe so. Well I think in 2020 God gave us, gave me many examples of that. But an example is that we made a call to ask for food for families and personally I did not want to include the volunteers, because I felt that they already were given too much. But the team thought it was a good idea. So we did and the truth is, in the end, I was very surprised how the volunteers hadn't really even started giving everything they had. That not only allowed us to deliver food to families more than once, because our goal was once; and we delivered like seven times. But many local businesses they approached, they wanted to support because they were invited by the same volunteers. So I think that for me that is a very clear example of how to include others, as a way of doing things allows more people, to be included. Thanks Ana for sharing with us. It was very good that you shared with us: Inviting others is one of my favorites because I really like it when we have a group of people who are trying to meet one goal, one thing together. This is part of the Back2Back team: that each of us has to invite others to get involved in what we do in lives of the other people, children and families in Back2Back. but thanks Ana. Yes with pleasure.

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