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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~19:03:26 - 19:18:38

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— Excuse me, can I go through here? — Yes — Will I be able to get through? — Yes Thank you very much! Sorry. We had said Shinjuku so I took longer. Really sorry for being late! Oh, don`t worry about it! — Can't get in? — Oh but... If the elevator door is wider, it should be fine. There`s nothing special that I`m worried about. Who is that girl? Did you come together? Who's that girl? Well... Who is that? Your sister? Well... let`s go! Is that your sister? Wow! She looks really girly! Sorry... It`s been a long time. Actually... It`s an American non-profit organization. — Like sort of art project, an art related non profit — What? —Art — It's like an art project. I`m good. Pachinko... Oh, if you move out of the way I can... here I go Oh... Yes Take care A bit difficult... The second floor. Bit difficult. What floor? Second floor That girl from before — Is she his girlfriend? — His girlfriend? Since just recently Didn`t we talk about this? No. Yes, I heard that he met her. I heard about her. He said that she might come tomorrow. Yup. Oh. How long have they been going out? About 4 months. Oh... You were on radio right? Yes, she came that time too. Oh. Really. Second floor. Where is this place? Where was it again? Um. Um. Um. Oh, here it is. Are you leaving? Wow. Are you reallly? Can I? No, impossible. Oh, is that ok? Sorry. Can you just lift the back for me? Thank you very much. Are you going home? There's so many people here. Hopefully we will get in. Where should we sit? In the middle? Is Aya leaving? How many more people are coming? Quite a few, around 5 or 6 people. Actually, only 3 can sit on one side because the tables haven`t been reserved, also considering the the camera moving around you. Actually, because the cameras are here and moving around, it does disturb other customers. So, if possible, could you limit the camera movement. They`re here, they`re here. What should we do? Should I go over there? Should I go in the middle? Ok, I`ll go in the middle You are a popular guy! Go go, in the middle. Thanks, sorry. — I can`t get fit in unless I`m front — Can you fit? I think your foot is jammed between the table and your chair. Just sit the way you are, that`s fine. OK. No, no! What's up? Right? How many people? Are you serious? I see! Maybe going is better. Yeah, I want to go back. Is that why they are going back? No, but... Ashtray... Even though you came... That`s... Are they nearby do you think? Still at the station. You can go home, it`s OK. That`s a cold way to say it! It`s fine Please don`t leave me by myself! Hall, kitchen, staff please ask staff for details. Yup. Aren't they coming here? They don`t want to be on camera. Oh really? Oh that's... That's said... A bit sad. Is this the first time you've met? That's sad. Isn't it? Always... through the blog. Yup. No, in the middle. Looks like a doll... Funny. Really? Should I sit over here? There's lots of people. Is it ok? It`s fine! Ah, that`s good. Can I leave the wheelchair there? Yes. Your bag... Oh. Got it! Should we order something? Might have some American beer. — What? — I thought I might have some American beer. Oh that's what you are talking about. I was wondering what you were talking about. Miller. What is `Miller`? An American beer brand. I will have a chu-hai. Let`s drink! Since I became like this. I`m scared to drink. Oh what a shame, too strong perhaps? Not your usual hangover the next day. I heard that they got a hangover and it lasted four days. Four days! — Perhaps it was the way they drank — Should I drink? They said you`ll get a four day hangover. — Yup — What should I do? — Maybe that person you are talking about can't handle alcohol — Oh that person But I`m not a heavy drinker either. Yes. Yeah. Excuse me but... Yes. Yup. Yes. Did they go by train? No, by car.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
Views: 111
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 7, 2009

GL Japan Tape 14 (iii)

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