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Case Study Thomas (Mod 21)

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>> Hello. Welcome to this module's case study. This week, we're focusing on the benefits of drawing boundaries with clarity and how you can empower clients to build their own clear boundaries around food, which translate beyond food. We're back to Thomas this week. Let's start with a recap that relates to this week's module. Thomas tracks his daily food intake. He has a pretty regimented diet and doesn't eat any of the comfort foods he enjoyed growing up. He eats like a maniac during family holidays. He says he's not an emotional man, even though he feels a lot of stress. He's very rigid in many areas of his life, including work and leisure. He wants to reach his physical goals quickly. He has struggled to have a conversation with his wife about future children because it makes him anxious. He resents his brother for moving across the country. He can't seem to control his urges to eat off limits food when he's very stressed. As a high school wrestler, his eating habits included restrictive eating and overeating in order to make weight. Through coaching, he has experimented with eating foods not included in his current diet. In your Learning Center, you'll see an exercise called Finding Your Sweet Spot. Thomas's exercise is also included on the pages following the blank version that you can try yourself. Using the material from the recap and mock exercise, complete the Case Study Challenge in your Learning Center. When you're done, challenge yourself to take a photo of your handout, and send it out to the Facebook group so that we can support each other. See you back here soon.

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Case Study Thomas (Mod 21)

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