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Easy A (2010)

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Let me just begin by saying there are two sides to every story... and this is my side. The right one. I used to be anonymous - a nothing. A non-entity. [grunts] ugh. Olive - that's your name, right? Yeah, we've had 9 classes since kindergarten. So here it is, Part 1. Do you want go out with me? Brandon, just a few hours ago you told me you were gay. You said that I should pretend to be straight. I didn't mean with me. I am tormented every day at school. One good imaginary fling. Which brings us to part 2. Is that Olive with Brandon? Give a grunt and make it convincing. [grunts] Don't stop! Ready for the finale? What? [groans loudly] (Olive) Yeah! Thank you. Wazzup! [cheers] (Olive) I always thought that pretending to lose my virginity would be a little more special. Judy Blume should have prepared me for that. (boy) Brandon told me what you did for him. [purrs] No, he told me the truth. I was just hoping that maybe you could do the same for me? (Olive) So whether I liked it our not I was open for business. 20% off to Bath and Bodyworks? Is that how much our imaginary tryst meant to you? I fake-rocked your world. (girl) We need to pray for her. But we also need to get her the hell out of here. (group) Amen! (Olive) On Monday, things took a turn for the scandalous. Screw all these people, Olive. (Olive) Ironically, we were studying the Scarlet Letter. This girl named Hester Prynne has an affair with a minister, is besmirched, and made to wear a read "A" for adulterer. (girl) Perhaps you should embroider a red A on your wardrobe. I'm not proud of this. [Lady Gaga - "Poker Face"] ♪ I want to hold 'em like they do in Texas please ♪ (woman) No judgement - you kind of look like a stripper. Mom! (man) A high-end stripper. For the governors or athletes. Is she the one everyone's talking about? (man) Yes. (guy) I know exactly what you're doing. And I promise not to tell anyone. Could I kiss you right now? ♪ Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my poker face ♪ (woman) I had a similar situation when I was your age. I had a horrible reputation. Why? Because I slept with a bunch of people. Mostly guys. Mom! There's a higher power that will judge you for your indecency Tom Cruise? [Captions by]

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