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Samsung Mobile - The Next Big Thing

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Hey, man. How's it going? What's going on? What are you doing here? Samsung wants me to be in their new, like big commercial. The next big thing, yeah. They called me in for the next big thing. Maybe like in 1998 you were the next big thing. Wow, I’ve never seen you this excited about something that isn’t food. You are not the next big thing. You make people physically uncomfortable. Look man, they gave me a phone. I got one, too. Where’d you get that? They gave it to me because I'm the next big thing. This makes no sense, man. Are you sure that maybe you not here to see a guy named the Sam Sung. I don’t think I am. That would make more sense. You know, let's find a favorable review to one of your movies. No results found. You know what’s great about this? Is when you take a picture you can draw on it, and I can actually retouch it, but I can make you look like you're still in your forties. Why don’t you take that S-Pen and shove it… Alright, you’re here. Hi! So, you got the memo, you’re working together. Together? I got the big room. Come fill it with ideas. Samsung, the next big thing. You too. Yeah. Celebrity endorsements, very big. Very big. You guys know anybody? Pitch me something. People love commercials with talking babies. Yeah, those creepy… Talking babies… So we just use Seth. In a diaper? I don't wear a diaper. You would wear a diaper for Samsung, though. Right? I would wear a diaper for Samsung. What else you got? Crowdsourcing. I love it. Put out on the internet that you want people to send you ideas, then you don’t have to think of an idea. It might be good for this spot. Bigger! SPACE! We can send them into the Galaxy, with the Galaxy. But we don't train them, we just send them up there and we see what happens. Could become an Asian rapper. I don't think we can do that. We're not Asian… I'm an Asian rapper, I'm rappin, and then guess what: S-pin. I have Lebron James for you. Hi, Bron. You in on Samsung? Yeah, totally. Maybe I do a cameo on a tablet, or something. I mean, that’s incredible, you get a video with Lebron James, you got the next big. You don’t even need anybody else. That's right we don't, we don’t. Don’t need anyone else. I’ve got it. I’m having breakfast with Lebron’s kid Dude, why would you be with Lebron’s kids? We’re friends…

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Posted by: evelyngcon on Mar 6, 2014

Super Bowl Ad 2013

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