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Denise Caskanette - Edit 1

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- I nominated Denise with a score because she is so exceptional. She not only works very well with students, but with staff and community members as well. So, she's really well rounded, very positive and just an exceptional human being. - Denise is probably one of the most caring people I've ever met. She seems to have the ability to very easily make this connection to students in the program that she works in and in school, she goes out of her way every day to make it a positive day for everybody around her. - I would describe Denise as being a truly dedicated educator. She really cares about the students she works with, she cares about the teachers she works with, she's dedicated to student learning and dedicated to student well-being. - She is a dedicated professional and she assists the teacher in any way she can and the students so that they can be their best in their learning environment. - Denise is an educational assistant and she works specifically with students who have some learning challenges. So she would support them both in the classroom and she might be also supporting them in our learning resource rooms. - I'm an educational assistant. I work directly with kids. I go to classes with them and I kind of level the playing field for kids that have special needs. This year I'm working with kids with autism. I go anywhere from Math class, to Drama class, to Co-op depending on what the kids needs are. I decided to work in education to make a difference. To make an impact with kids in a way that you can tangibly see. I enjoy it and I love it. It's what I do, it's who I am. - Denise is very involved in all aspects of the school. She works in the special education department, but she doesn't just stay in that department. She wants to be a member of the school community. - She runs our breakfast program here at the school. So she's always putting out fresh food and trying to find the best ways to help our students that don't have access to food on a regular basis. - For our Nutrition To Learn Program or the Breakfast Club that they call it here, she made it more friendly and easy for students to take part in that. So instead of having to go into a designated room, Denise would put food out for the students in different areas of the school, so to lower the stigma of maybe needing or wanting food. - At Huron Park, we feed around 100 students a day. We've put it in place everywhere. You can find it in the hallway, you can find it in the main office, you can find it in some other classrooms. So that these kids can find food when they need it. It's interesting because you can see kind of where it makes an impact with the kids. Kids that are fed have a better shot academically and kids that are fed and have a full tummy have less issues with behavior. It's needed and it's used. So, it's a good thing. - What makes Denise outstanding is her attitude. No matter what the day brings, what surprises or challenges, she's always so positive. She'll say something in a quick way that puts everything back into perspective on why we're here, for the students, and even if we go through challenging days it's definitely worth it. - She just selflessly does things in this building all day long whether it be, you know, for staff, other students, students that are not even in her program and she just goes above and beyond it at everything and never expects anything in return. - She works well with the students in her classroom, but she's always that helping adult who other students in the school know they can go to. - Huron Park would not be the same without Denise. She is such an important member of the team not just because of the things that she does here, but just because of who she is, and the way that she brings all of herself to her work every day. - She really cares and is always looking to make that learning environment better for both student, teacher and herself. And she's always working to make that a good experience for our students. - The thing I find most rewarding about my job is that moment when the kids kind of realize what they can do for themselves. Something that I've known all along that some kids need a little extra nudge to have that confidence to take that next step. That moment... That moment that the kids are like, "Yep, I can do this," and they go forward and like, you can tell. You can tell you've made a difference.

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Denise Caskanette - Edit 1

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