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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:46:33 - 12:01:04

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Grace! -Our ball! -If you're done, then you can get out. -Done? -Who knew I could be filmed playing ball? Don't give it away. -Theresa, are you giving it away? -Oh, shouldn't give it away? Edith, Edith! That's no good! -Move over there. -Yes, those girls! Get outta here! Hey Doreen! Hey Doreen! Over here. Here, Gile! Mile! Mile! Throw it! -Hey, the ball's ours! Heading this way. -Our ball. Here! -Film me, please! -Mile! -Rose, I'm calling you! -You won't even look at me. -Grace's measuring it. -Glade! -Yes! Mile! Show off! You're showing off! -Doreen! -Hey Atupele! -Mile! Oh Elizabeth, what is it with you? -Hey camera guy, aren't you tired? -Pardon? -The camera guy's not tired yet? -Doreen! Doreen! -Hey Atupele!! Mile! -Doreen, leave it be! -She has fleas like that! -Our ball! -Hey, I thought you left the game. Throw the ball, Doreen! -Cynthia! -Memory! Teresa! -Doreen! -Agi! Hey, Agnes! These clothes. I'd want to take them off. Doreen! Right here, Doreen! Hey, are you going to throw the ball any time soon? Doreen! Doreen! This, right here! Teresa! Doreen! They're in there. -Atupele! -Teresa! -Atupele! Can we get in? Send it back so they can leave and we can get back in. Misonzi! You're boring! Fine, you won't be getting in then. I thought you were the one being difficult about getting out? Why not let Aggie out? -Let your player out! -These girls refuse to leave. -Natasha, come over, I need to tell you something. -Natasha, isn't this yours? I don't want any part of that. Film your own damn selves. Bye! You can leave, ok? Go ahead! Edith, I hate fighting, alright? Edith! I'll hit you! I'm warning you? -The ball's out of play, it's yours! -Our ball? Throw it to Edith! -Oh Grace. -Hey, throw it already! Doreen! Doreen! Elizabeth, Elizabeth. Where's Agnes? Ducks! -Here! -Doreen! Doreen! -No! So you want us to pay for the ball? Doreen, are you walking? -No one touched the ball. -Out, it's our ball! She didn't touch it! I'll drink for a year while you're changing the people. Who are you throwing it to, exactly? -You let it out! Grace, you let the ball out! -No, I'm the one who let it out. The others need to get a chance to play. Elizabeth, you left there and came here. Hey, Elizabeth! Margaret, Maggie! Yikes, you fell back for throwing the ball? Hey! Eliza came all the way here. Understand? She got it from there, Mary, Mary, Mary... She came back to this spot. Here. Yeah, Mary! Doreen! -Edith let the ball out, right? -Yes, I let it out! Edith. 4 -10. -Looks like you won't be getting a plate of rice today with the way you're playing. -Over there. Hey Elizabeth, I'll call out to you, ok? Come over here. Mil! Hey! Hey! Hey Silvia! Come back to your spot! -We never delay. -Where is Atupele? -Who did you start with? -I stood with Atu. -With you? -With Grace. Katerina, get out. Don't piss me off! Chipi, you should jump! Hey Chisomo! Memory is yours. Mphopo is already at the goal. Walk with enthusiasm. Cynthia, I'm leaving. Ah, ah, Silivia says she's leaving! Hey Memory, who are you waiting for? Don't wait for me now with the child. Doreen, it's yours. Yours, Doreen. Doreen, Doreen. Mine, Doreen, Hey Doreen! -Doreen! Madalo! Enough! Stop. Stop. Hey Doreen. Hey Doreen. Our ball! -Hey you guys? -Are they filming? -Edith, right here. -Edith. Edith. -Elizabeth, here, Elizabeth. -Grace! Ah Silvia, throw the ball, Silvia. Agnes. Doreen, Doreen. Mary, Mary. -Doreen, Doreen. -Hey who is that one. Mable is a good option, Rose. Rose! Hey Doreen! Doreen, hey Doreen, throw it back to me, Doreen. Hey Emily! No problem. -Gosh, I'm really tired. -Hey Mile, you're delaying the game! When you're throwing the ball... -Doreen! -Grace! Elizabeth! Agnes, get them the ball. -Oh lord, Agnes. -Hey get the ball over there. Doreen! Mile! Hey Mile. Grace, you let the ball out. You let it out. -Mile let it out. -Hello Mary. Hey, throw it here, Edith! Edith! Edith. Hey, Eliza! Hey Edith, Edith... All of it, all of it. We'll make them happy. We'll make them happy. Mary, Mary. Doreen, Gire, you knocked the ball out of my hands. Hallelujah! -Throw it. -Wait, I'll throw it. Edith, Edith, I'm open. Here Ide. -Mary! Mary! -Ball went out! Hey Nancy, you're out. -I thought the ball was ours. -Well, you sold it. Thought you said they were out? We didn't pick anything up. You're getting out? -For real though. -Oh, whatever... Fix it for him. -Yours, Doreen. -Doreen over here. -Doreen! -What was that? Doreen! -Eh? -Hey! Mile! She let the ball out. Edith let it out? Who will stand here? -Why are you leaving the ball behind? -No... You got a problem with me? -Sijoda. -Edith, Edith... Oh yes, they'll film only me and not the rest of you. So can they see what the people are doing to each other? Hey Doreen...Odala! Mile! -Didn't get there yet. -Score. -I'll leave you be and let the ball out, so then the ball will be ours. -No. Are you leaving the game, Agnes? Natasha! Come on in and play! Hey Gladys, right here. Grace, come in and play. Eee, then the friend is playing. Natasha, Natasha, come in and play. -She's refusing to come... -You're really coaxing her! Why don't you leave her be if she's refusing? -Hey Doreen. -Doreen. -Hey! -Doreen -Come over for a switch. -Your ball. -Egret... -Mile! -Esi, Esi... -Doreen! -She's holding me by the arm... -But the ball would still have been in play, Mile. Mile, the ball would still be in. She actually held my arm; I wasn't able to run after it. You let it out, we won't accept that. -Just give her the ball. -Mile let it out. -Throw it. -Silvia. -You want to throw it back to her? -That's enough. -Come and stand here. -Who are you guarding, Mile? -Maybe I should leave. Doreen! Hey, Doreen!

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Duration: 14 minutes and 32 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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