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Israeli Conscientious Objectors

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My name is Sahar Vardi, i'm eighteen, i'm a schminist My name is Yuval -Auron, im nineteen years old, im a schminist My name is Omer Goldman i'm nineteen years old im a shminist My name is MiaTamarin, Im nineteen, Im shminist Sministim is twelve graders im hebrew we're israeli Conscientious Objector That's means refuses to serve in israeli army because they are occupying another people, The Palestinians palestinians kids like us can't go to school because of check points or even get health care many on palestinians go to prison for no reasons a lot of them have been killed or their homes demolished The government says, these policies keeping our safe but denying Palestinians the basic human rights put us all in danger is illegal is wrong is immoral is against my personal belief is against my basic values is against my values that is why we're conscientious objectors that's why we're conscientious objectors that's why we're conscientious objectors that's why i'm a conscientious objector we are sminishtim we are sminishtim we are sminishtim i'm a schminist we'll be in jail for refusing to serve in the army we need your support please sign the letter and tell all your friends Palestinians, israelies, jews, muslims, christians, atheist...everyone we all need to stand together against violence, against Repression no matter who does it take stand with us for peace coexistence and real future for children like us everywhere sign the letter today sign the letter today please sign the letter today please... sign the letter... today

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Duration: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Israel
Language: English
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Posted by: mercedesr on Jan 8, 2009

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